USED2BSANE - "Disgustingly Human"
Self-financed release (!)

Indeed insane! Gives you an impression of how an insane man feels like (as if we are not already!). Words like "Maybe I am losing my mind" and "I am NOT INSANE!!!!!" come into your ears... Thousands of voices whispering thousands of words! Until the fucking good stuff enters to destroy your ears in a very violent way (that is, the way we like it!!!)
The intro is entitled "Insanity Begins" and the continuance, "Disgustingly Human" (which is the self-titled song of the album) gives us a good impression for what to expect! in the first couple of minutes you are already impressed with the technical abilities of the members (the vocals kick serious ass by the way and they also remind me of both Max Cavalera and Phil Anselmo in some parts, a LOT, for some reason!!!), as well as with the production and the ideas these guys have put in their music! They are fucking loud!
Oh, just one more thing I just realised! This band could also be called THE NELSONS band! There are three Nelsons in there, probably brothers!
So, continuing with the music... It's got such nice and dominating effects... The quality blows your ears off!
The guys, GENERALLY (I point that out), do not particularly remind me of any band, which is very very good indeed! In parts, they do, but in general they don't sound like many others! Nothing specific comes up to my mind when listening to USED2BSANE... They only bands that some parts of this CD reminded me, is Sepultura (in some vocal parts) as much as In Flames, in the 3rd track (Better Than Before), in a couple of guitar riffs! However, the vocals vary a lot and are remarkable indeed. The guy (Andy Rogers) has a good throat indeed!
However, I have to pause a bit from my excitement with their musical abilities, and continue on my excitement concerning the way they released this impressive CD! This is a self-financed release with a killer production!
By the way, there is also a 6 seconds track... You can hear the words...
- "Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven, is that right?"
- "Why not? I'm a fan of man!!!!!"
Inside out is the next track to enter then! There comes the, possibly 1st bad element of this release: A very nice guitar riff indeed... performed again... and again... and agaaaaaain... Why that? They have a lot of imagination as one can see from their general work! All I can say is that if they work on it, they will eventually get a record deal as soon as possible and kick some serious ass! I definitely wish that to them, for they deserve it!

9/10 (despite a couple of little mistakes in a couple of parts, because it is self-financed and kicks the ass of a LOT of today's normal releases! For sure!!!)

Dimitris "Slatan" Petrakis

PS1: I do not even have to mention what a kick-ass artwork they have, do I?
PS2: Oh, yeah... their contacts, for booking & information, are:

Erik Nelson (916) 765-8124