(Nuclear Blast)

What can I say now and what can I write for a person like UDO, the legendary frontman of the legendary ACCEPT, old wolf - God of heavy metal? His voice roars like a beast even today after all these successes and all these albums that have remained (Let's not count them), example for every heavy metal musician and fan of our music. "Holy" is coming to claim the baton from "No Limits" and the fucking great "Solid" which is the previous of "No Limits". "Holy", of course, is an album (like all the rest of them) that its roots begin from the era of ACCEPT and even though they have been disbanded, they did that in order to follow different directions. UDO still has the "hunger" and the longing to release albums like this one. 12 holy songs await to be unfold in the listener's ear and enrapture him. The album begins with "Holy" that starts slowly and ends up to a mid-tempo song that puts you in the atmosphere at once! But the song, that I feel like it has wormed out from some kind of an unreleased ACCEPT material everytime I am listening to it, is "Shout it out" which is slow and heavy with an escort of voices in the background. Also, another great song (fast this time) is "Back Off" that makes gives you a mood to break everything down! Of course, the specific song could be characterized as the newborn child of "Breaker". Listen to its riff and you will understand what I mean! A song that I liked very much and surprised me, is "Cut Me Out" that has a diiferent rhythm in comparison with all the rest tracks of the album. And I can also say that it is very saltatory. Generally, though, the songs of the album are good, except one: "Thunder In The Tower". I didn't really like this one as a song. So, enter the holy metal church of the cover with the 2 guitars shining on the glasses, confess your musical sins to the priest with the suspenders who also comes forward for other -as well- "holy" purposes and yell: "METAL IS OUR RELIGION!".



Babis "The Metal Warrior" Antaloudakis