Live In Japan
(System Shock)
don't know what's up with Vader, but - 4 albums in one year? That should mean that sales are going just fine.... Composed by 18 chainsaws able to cause brainstorms to every listener, Live in Japan gives as a sample of the true metal hell the Japanese experienced in Tokyo, '98. The CD's raw cover is without doubt a total "in your face" experience and constitutes the appropriate forerunner of what's coming next. "Damien" as an introduction; where the band's frontman shows off his knowledge of Japanese (saying "hello" - no! that's not "sayonara"). In the sequel, right after the fans nearly deified the Polish destroyers, "Sothis" comes to mutilate some Japanese ears! When the first bones start to crack (osteoporosis?) "Distant Dream" strikes up. And since there are altogether 18 tracks in this album -including the intros + 2 cover songs,- it's impossible to mention each one (or else this review will occupy the whole page). I'd say the most noticeable tracks are all the intros, "Black To The Blind", "Silent Empire", "Carnal", "Red Passage", "Crucified Ones" as well as the "Black Sabbath" and "Raining Blood" cover songs are noteworthy since they're well performed... The first one brings about intestinal disorders while the second causes catarrh of your myelin tissues, thanks to the band's power!!! Overall I believe it's a terrifically powerful live album. If your Greek ears can endure being pulpified like this and the Poles' filthy sound, then this album is appropriate for buying... Fans, here's a little diamond for you!