This release of Loud 'N' Proud Records has a purpose to introduce us their "armory", which is really very remarkable. It includes 7 groups, with 2 songs from each, and more precisely (the review is being done from the worst to the best, according to my personal appreciation):

CORPORATION 187 (special guests): Completely inconsiderate. Something like hard core. Aggressive enough. They sure can do better than that.

SOBRE NOCTURNE: Two songs dark, atmospheric, but not interesting at all. The label informs us in the press release info that their CD "Serpentine Dreamweaver" has nothing to do with these. Reversely, it is described as an eruptive metal opera similar to "Theli" of Therion.

U.N.IT.: Well-played [rpgressive metal, as we have been used to, lately. Influences from Rush and Fates Warning.

ISENGARD: Good enough but strange as well band. A slow and a fast song, with sometimes elements of doom and other times of speed metal.

THORNCLAD: Incredible old-fashoned Thrash!! They remind Sodom and Kreator at their good times!!

And the best for the end.

SEVEN: It's about the old Swedish Epic Metallers Warhammer who changed their name. They play pure, melodic, solid epic metal. Influenced from Manowar, Heavy Load and Liege Lord (from the first album). Their "Brake The Chans" CD will sure be worshipped by the friends of epic metal

MORIFADE: The upmost moment of the CD. Amazing progressive-speed-power metal that even Stratovarious would envy but Hamerfall as well!!! For sure, their CD which will be released around October, entitled "Possesion of Power" will create clash in the halls of speed/power metal.

So, this collection is reviewed as good enough, with variety of content. Most of the songs it includes are exclusively for this collection and won't be found elsewhere. Ending, I would like to note that all bands are hailing from Sweden. It is disposed with 25 -DM or $15 US from LOUD 'N' PROUD Records - P.O.Box 177 - 581 02 Linkoping - Sweden, as well as all the other releases of the label. Contact with them, asking their very interesting catalog.

Michael "The Wild Runnder" Savoidakis

PS: As the chief editor of Altars Of Metal, I (Slatan) would like to apologise to Loud 'N' Proud Records for the unacceptable delay of their material's publication. It is completely my own fault as a file I was given from Michael was "forgotten" somewhere in my room. Thank you for your kind understanding!