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The eighth K.D. LP is finally out, It is entitled «Voodoo» and it was composed according to the familiar, for the band’s fans, prearrangement, based, once again, on a dark and imposing narration. It is, of course, concept and it tells is a story of voodoo black magic, bloodthirsty living-dead and dedicated followers. The musical part of the LP, created in a way that projects the intensely nightmarish subject of the lyrics, reminds the listener of the previous, mostly, K.D. albums: moderate speed, classical heavy rhythms, brilliant riffs. The band’s new drummer is excellent and Andy La Rocque has, once again, reached perfection as far as his guitar playing is concernet. King uses a variety of vocal scales, in order to offer to each lyric the appropriate intensity and, so, he makes his extremely popilar vocals distinguish. The appropriate sound effects perfect the nightmare. In addition, the production is crystal clear. Combine all the elements mentioned above and the result is another classic K.D. record. In short: The King is back and all those who wish to usurp his throne should hide, after having admitted his superiority King has created the ideal combination: He balances aming his past and his present, without renouncing the first or denying the second one. He allows his fans to compare «Voodoo» with his previous masterpieces, but he won’t let them attach themselves to these. Beseides: This is no Abigail, this child will survive!


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