Nuclear Blast

Does the phrase "Fighting For The Earth" say anything to you? For me, it does say a lot, but mainly, clasic heavy metal! Songs like "Only The Strong Survive", "Mind Over Matter" etc will remain in the memories of many of those hwo know Warrior. Anyway, let's partially stop the whole "F.F.T.E." thing and come to the present. After the long-awaited 2nd album of the band, "Ancient Future", which also was very good, we are in 2001 with the brand-new "Code For Life", which is strong, voluminary, grotesqerie with rhythmic drums, nice heavy guitars and of course, the really unique voice of Mc Carthy who comes to integrate the circle of this band. Many are the good tracks of the new album. Like the "Day Of Reckoning", "Kill The Machine" (the particular song has the riff of "Gates Of Babylon" - B A D L Y), "Standing", "The Endless Beginning" (reminds a little bit of Heaven And Hell), "Retribution" and others. The theme speaks for the new way of life and the globalisation that tries to surround us... Generally, C.O.L. is something good and not something that you just pass over. Of course, it is not something original, but it is an interesting album. All of you who know Warrior from the older days, I believe that you will just like this one. To the rest, you will like it even more, but you should listen to their 1st album which I completely recommend! HAIL METAL MUSIC!


Babis "The Metal Warrior" Antaloudakis