Wolf - Wolf

This is the debut of the Swedish Wolf, who are definitely nostalgic for the bright days of NWOBHM. Until a specific part, they manage pretty well, by centering the interest and entering the climate of that era. Big dose of influences from IRON MAIDEN as well as TOKYO BLADE, especially in "PARASITE" and "VOYAGE". Very nice work has been done in the guitars and in the very well looked-after vocals. Remarkable are the "ELECTRIC RAGA" and "IN THE SHADOW OF STEEL" which, however, ends a little bit unexpectedly.
Special reference has to be done for "IN EYES OF THE SUN" which stands worthy next to diamonds of the past. Very good debut from a Swedish band that plays NWOBHM!!! The only, unfortunately corruptible part is, that only a few tracks will hold strong in time

Mike "Caesar" Stavrakakis

PS: I hope that the cover will not be the same in the normal CD!!!