(Music for Nations)

Powerful enough, Will Haven is a 4-members band from California's Sacramento. Their style is the same with the one of Korn, Neurosis and a bit from the late Sepultura (much more to Soul Fly) and Rage Against The Machine. Hard core with thrash elements. With a few words, gobstopers and hubbub for those who can't relax with anything! "WHVN" contains 13 tracks which brake heads. Other times fast and other times doom-stylish riffs, "too heavy to be lifted" guitars, scraped vocals and bear-garden drums. Even Max Cavalera declares that they are one of his favorite groups. I'm sure that all those who don't look for a little gif for a parent or a chick and their walls are full of marks from their head, they can listen to it!


John "Python" Koumis