A tribute to Queensryche

(Adrenaline Records)

Here we are with a tribute to the gods Queensryche. I bet that is extremely difficult to make a tribute about them, not because of the best voice in heavy metal (Geoff Tate) but also because of this atmosphere and the feeling that only they can produce! Some songs will be named and the bands that they play them. Karma "I am I", Mystic Force "Child of Fire", Forte "Prophecy", Moon of Steel "Anybody listening?" Etheria "Eyes of a Stranger", Talamasca "The Whisper", Mind?s Eye "I will remember", Cyrcle X "I don't believe in love", "Power of Omens", "Screaming in Digital", Nightmare?s End "Deliverance", Factor Five "Nightrider", Swan Christy "Someone Else". Really good tribute songs are Mystic Force, Etheria and Mind's Eye.

Mike "Caesar" Stavrakakis