Zorn - "Shwarz Metall"
Jesus Wept / Last Episode

[ 01. Hexenlichter am nordhimmel ]
[ 02. Schwarz metall ]
[ 03. Der totale krieg ]
[ 04. Wiederkehr ]
[ 05. Kriegserklarung an die menchheit ]
[ 06. in Flammen ]
[ 07. Panzerzorn ]
[ 08. Genickschuss ]

I have been debated before writing these words. Yep, this record has anything infamous at all, let alone the fact (that bothers me a lot) that it lasts only half an hour, it's fast black metal played with skill, nothing new at all, but its aggressiveness and violence have the guts to please a listener for a while. No track exalts it above the others, but in such an extreme genre this is usual, you know, you've got WWWWRRRRRRAAANNGGGG from the beginning til the end and this satisfies the buyer because this is what he wants from records like this.
Now, said all this, I think there must be a deepening of the state of things. This is an album thrown in the market just to earn easy bucks from the trend before it expires, and let me say Last Episode is a great teacher in doing it, and someone must get the balls out to stand up and yell it. Personally, I have nothing against L.E. or Zorn in particular, I repeat, this album isn't bad at all, but this fact doesn't erase the sensation that a third-priority band like Zorn is out with this cd only to grab money out of the pockets of the completists, people like me who want to have everything has been, is being and will be printed on cd raising the flag of black metal.
I'm starting to believe this has no passion behind it, it's only commercial, it's only trade to look for easy money, masqueraded by a good artwork, performance and a listenable record. When you take away the feeling from a black metal record, you zero its meaning down; and you may even appreciate it for a couple of time, but this doesn't prevent it from its final destination, the shell of second-hand cd's, the shell of cd's you don't listen to anymore as soon as you replace them with something more consistent in your stereo.
It is time to GIVE UP giving your support to cd's like this one and the labels they represent; it is time labels realize that almost everything in black metal has already been said and done, and to emerge there needs class and dedication, not just releases good only for a week before being forgotten, apart the sensation to have wasted money for something fallacious. It's not impossible to reach great levels, look around you and read some reviews, you'll understand a lot of good stuff is circulating: don't waste time and money to support overrated groups, start a selection, support emerging bands only if you think they've got something to say, and moreover, start pretending a listen of the record before purchasing it, if your main pusher is a record shop.

Gilberto Nicola