Zonata - "Tunes Of Steel"
(Century Media)

Now, here's another power metal band-rumination of Helloween from Sweden. 5 young friends create a ban in February of '98 and compose their first song entitled "Viking". After that, they record a demo that was released in 500 copies and has been sold-out, in February '99 while having already recorded "Gate Of Fear" for a collection that Rock Hard had released. March '99 they signed with Century Media Records and released "Tunes Of Steel" in October of '99 while, in the same time, they perform a mini-tour in Sweden, opening lives of Stratovarius and Heaven's Gate. The tracks that this CD contains are "Dreamchild", "Geronimo" "Thor (The Thundergod)", "Beyond The Rainbow", "Criticized", "Welcome To This World Of Fun", "The Evil Shadow", "Bring You Down To Hell", "Zonata" and "Viking" which was the only track I distinguished from the CD. For me, Zonata, are nothing special that will ever make me to get occupied with... Their vocals remind me Kai Hansen in the Walls Of Jericho era (EPOS!) with the pointing out that Johannes Nyberg sings out of tune many times. I wish them in the future to escape from the shadow of Helloween, where they are along with a lot of other bands, and to obtain their own idenity.

6,5/10Babis "The Metal Warrior" Antaloudakis