Last update: 24 Feb.2008


- Guitarist Yiotis Dounas leave the band for personal reasons. Blade's start to compose and work new tracks about the creation of a new-concept album.


- 22 Dec.2007 Live at "The Wall" club, Ptolemaida, with FACELESS GOD and DARK MESSIAH



- 30 Nov.2007 Live at "Harley" club, Thessaloniki, with BROCAS HELM and DARK NIGHTMARE


- 20 Apr.2007 "Serpents of the Night" split CD finally released. Instore now! Infos at

- 16 Apr.2007 For personal reasons band have to cancelled the support live with Pile Driver (22/4/2007, Rock Bottom Club, Thessaloniki).



- BLADE OF SPIRIT / DARK NIGHTMARE "SERPENTS OF THE NIGHT" new split CD (6 audio tracks+4 live video clips) coming soon from Steel Gallery Records. Strictly limited edition only 1000 copies.

1. BLADE OF SPIRIT "Serpents Of Decay (Re-recording)"
3. BLADE OF SPIRIT "Reflections Of You"
4. DARK NIGHTMARE "Strange Night (New song)"
5. DARK NIGHTMARE "Procurers"
6. DARK NIGHTMARE "Despain and Hope"

7. BLADE OF SPIRIT "Nameless"
8. BLADE OF SPIRIT "Hope Dies Last"
9. DARK NIGHTMARE "Dragonlakes"
10. DARK NIGHTMARE "Hawks of War"

Sep. 2006

- 22 Sep.2006 Blade Of Spirit pocket print T-Shirt available. Order from

- 22 Sep.2006 Live at Rock Bottom Club, Thessaloniki with: OMEN, PHANTOM-X, BATTLEROAR, BLADE OF SPIRIT, EMERALD SUN. See the LIVE APPEARANCES section for more infos.

Jul. 2006

- 13 Jul.2006 PHOTO GALLERY section updated.

MAI. 2006

- 29 Mai.2006 New review for "Shadow's Race" from 'On The March' fanzine added at PRESS section.

- 17 Mai.2006 DOWNLOADS section updated with new wallpapers

- 7 Mai.2006 New review for "Shadow's Race" from 'Metal Legacy' webzine added at PRESS section.

- 05 Mai.2006 DISCOGRAPHY section updated with Compilations CD's.

Mar. 2006

- 30 Mar.2006 Release party of ''Shadow's Race'' take place at ''Bistro'' Club - Ptolemaida. Kostas from ''Steel Gallery Records'' presents the new album from the DJ decks, with many others surprises. Amazing night!

- 27 Mar.2006 PRESS section updated with new interview from Hammer On 'zine.

Feb. 2006

- 11 Feb.2006 Band present live the new album. Infos at LIVE APPEARANCES section.

- 09 Feb.2006 "Shadow's Race" finally released. Instore now!

Nov. 2005

- 28 Nov.2005 Band gives a live show with ANVIL, PHANTOM-X, SINNER RIDER, BURNING SERMONS. See the LIVE APPEARANCES section for more infos.

Oct. 2005

- 14 Oct.2005 The band have a deal with Steel Gallery Records. ''Shadow's Race'' will be released about Dec.2005 - Jan. 2006.

Sep. 2005

- 25 Sep.2005 New album ''Shadow's Race'' is ready!! Finally the master take place at ''Ghost Studios''. Release date (we hope) very soon...

Stain Of Pride (intro)
Sedated Idols
New Age Of The Lost
The Questioner
Naked Of Life
Punished By Fate
Hope Dies Last
Last Messiah
Flags Of Glory (outro)

Aug. 2005

- 30 Aug.2005 The mix finally take over at ''Ghost'' Studios (Ptolemaida-Greece) by Sakis Stefanidis. Master will take place at ''MIX'' Studios (Thessaloniki-Greece) in few weeks.

May. 2005

- 20 May. 2005 Band after vocals recording sessions have start the mix

Feb. 2005

- 20 Feb. 2005 Continue with parts of guitars...

- 22 Jan. 2005 Band enter the studio (''Drumworld'' Studio, Kozani) for recording drums and bass for the forthcoming album.

- 14 Jan. 2005 Live in Ptolemaida with Everflow.

- The band after a new change in the line-up with Yiotis Dounas to replace Petros Mavroudis on guitar, have start to work many new ideas in order to record a full-length album. This next step is very important for Blade's cause it will concist their debut in the official discography. After a long time in Greek heavy metal underground paths (with a few great live perfomances and too many creative self recordings and releases -3 promos and 3 demos-) now, 8 years since the band was formed, the time has come for a new strong beginning, with new line-up, great new stuffs and ideas under the Blade's powerfull-lyric inspiration! The upcoming album will include 8 new songs formed in the know epic-mysticism style that band follows through the years, but that time discovering musical horizons with a lot of new elements who make their sound amazing! The titles of the upcoming tracks are: "The Questioner", "Sedated Idols", "New Age Of The Lost", "Punished By Fate", "Nameless", "Last Messiah", Hope Dies Last", "Naked Of Life". New album will release in the mid 2005.

- "Depression Of Ages" (song from "Journey To Fadelife" demo-CD) will be included in "GREECE ATTACKS-THE NEXT ASSAULT" SOUND&VISION compilation CD.