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Cirith Ungol - New press info + a teaser

Official press info below.




CIRITH UNGOL launch landing page for the release of their “Servants of Chaos” double cd+dvd Digipak/3-Gatefold LP!

 Ventura, CA's CIRITH UNGOL, one of the most underrated bands from the early 80s metal scene, released four albums between 1980 and 1991. CIRITH UNGOL´scatalogue is being celebrated through the release of a collection of rare and live tracks on the 2 CD/1 DVD double digipak album, Servants of ChaosServants was originally released exclusively in Europe back in 2001 and a DVD has been added to augment the already stellar collection of music. The DVD contains an entire, rarely seen live show, shot on November 9th, 1984 at the storied, and now defunct, Wolf & Rissmiller's Country Club in Reseda, CA. The CD/DVD Digipak and triple vinyl will be available on November 18th/21st, 2011.


The name CIRITH UNGOL is pronounced "kirith ungol" and is an Elvish phrase meaning "pass of the spider", which is something that Lord of the Rings fans will surely recognize. The name is, of course, indicative of the band's fantasy-oriented lyrics, themes and beautiful album artwork. 


 This live-DVD is the first live relic ever to be released by CIRITH UNGOL!


 Comments Robert Garven jr.: “This amateur video was never meant to be released. The audio was taken off the mixing console. As we were an opening act, we had little or no sound check, room on stage, and restricted access to the lighting and sound. Even though, this rare and primitive video is one of the few ever taken of the band!” 


Check out the live clip of I´m Alive taken off the bonus-DVD and make sure to have a look at the pre-order options at



CD 1

 1. Hype Performance

2. Last Laugh

3. Frost and Fire

4. Eyes

5 Better Off Dead

6. 100 MPH

7. I'm Alive

8. Bite of the Worm

9. The Twitch

10. Maybe That's Why

11. Ill Met in Lankhmar

12. Return to Lankhmar

13. Darkness Weaves

14. Witchdance

15. Feeding the Ants

16. Obsidian



CD 2

 1. Death of the Sun

2. Fire

3. Fallen Idols

4. Chaos Rising

5. Fallen Idols

6. Paradise Lost

7. Join the Legion

8. Before the Lash

9. Atom Smasher

10. Master of the Pit

11. King of the Dead

12. Last Laugh

13. Cirith Ungol

14. Secret Agent Man

15. Ferrari 308QV




 Live at Wolf & Rissmiller's Country Club

November 9, 1984

1. I'm Alive

2. The Black Machine

3. Master of the Pit

4. King of the Dead!

5. Death of the Sun

6. Finger of Scorn

7. Frost & Fire

8. Cirith Ungol


Servants Of Chaos available on November 18th/21st as a 2-CD/1-DVD double digipak package and on triple gatefold-LP!




You can pre-order from Amazon here.

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