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Broken Silence




Broken Silence is a christian female fronted (hard) rock band, feat. Vern Green.



  • "Mighty" Gomez: Guitars
  • "Blue" Green: Bass
  • Matt Thrift: Drums
  • Jay Alred: Lead Vocals


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Broken Silence began in 1989 with Steve Gomez and Tracy King joining forces with some other musicians. Soon after the first four song EP of Broken Silence music was released. In 1990, Vern Green, Joy Soderstrom and Keith Swanson joined the group. Soon after their full length CD Shout It Out Loud was released. Today, Broken Silence is now made up of Vern Green on Bass, Steve Gomez on guitar, Trevor Jones on drums and the very talented writer and lead vocalist Brandon Merritt.


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