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Michael "Flint" Vujea

flintBass 1980-88.

Michael "Flint" Vujea was bassist with CU roughly 1980-1988. He joined after the recording of Frost & Fire, but before it was released. They guys liked him so much that they decided to
include his picture and credit on the album cover despite the fact that Greg Lindstrom played ALL of the bass tracks on Frost & Fire.


Fun Fact: His nickname, Flint, derives from the fact that he fit so well in CU right off the bat. Taken from the goofball Swingin' Sixties spy flicks starring James Coburn (Our Man Flint and
In Like Flint). The real origin dates back to 1943, when the saying In like Flynn, was a reference to swashbuckling star Errol Flynn's taste for underage poon-tang. That almost ties in with the ol' Cirith Ungol song Tight Teen, lyrics by the young Robbie Garven (who himself was only in his late teens).


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