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Die Wontcha

Die Wontcha


  1. Jimmy Clark ( Lindstrom)
  2. Elfland's Daughter (Grayson)
  3. Corporate Whore (Grayson)
  4. The Wreck of the John Deere (instrumental, Grayson / Lindstrom)
  5. Falcon (Grayson)
  6. No Future (Grayson)
  7. Careless (Grayson)
  8. Everything There Is To Know (Lindstrom)
  9. Show You All (Lindstrom)
  10. Leader (BUFFALO cover)


  • Perry Grayson (guitar, vocals, keyboard)
  • Greg Lindstrom (bass, keyboard, additional lead guitar)
  • Darin McCloskey (drums)
  • Chris Kozlowski (producer)


  • CD: 06 May 2008 (Liquid Flames Records; OW 30992)
  • LP: 2014 (Svart Records; SVR111)

Why dontcha


The second Falcon album. The cover is a painting by renowned fan tasy artist  Virgil Finlay. The title "Die Wontcha" is a play on the West, Bruce, & Laing album "Why Dontcha" (1973). To the right is a piss-take on the Why Dontcha album and the original Why Dontcha-album. Click on the covers to zoom in. Click here to see the rough, proto version of the album cover.




Recording info

Basic Tracks Recorded Live. Recorded Oct. 21-26, 2006.

Mixed & Mastered at Polar Bear Lair Studios in Middletown, MD.
Produced by Falcon & Chris Kozlowsi
Engineered & Mastered by Chris Kozlowski, Mixed by Chris Kozlowski with Perry Grayson


I took two weeks off work – no pay – so we could record Die Wontcha towards the end of October '06. It was an incredible experience. Darin and Greg rose to the occasion and played their bloody arses off! They both should be commended for a job well done! I was rooming with the dudes from Blue Cheer at Chris Kozlowski's infamous Polar Bear Lair most of that time. Got to witness the reformed Cactus at Jaxx in Virginia, caught up with the Internal Void boys and we managed to whip out an album we were very satisfied with over several days.

-Perry Grayson, 21 Jan 2009


The album can be ordered directly from the band at Falcon Official Merchandise Store.




Jimmy Clark

Greg's lyrics on Cirith Ungol's Frost and Fire are very introspective, and I relate to them a lot. Maybe we've been through similar things growing up. Some of his other lyrics, like say "Jimmy Clark," don't dwell on personal stuff, but I dig how they tell a story. Much the same way Phil Lynott did with "Frankie Carroll" or "Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed."

-Perry Grayson, 21 Jan 2009

Elfland's Daughter

ElflandbookI've been working on pre-production of one of my new tunes, "Elfland's Daughter", which was inspired by Lord Dunsany's fantasy novel The King of Elfland's Daughter.Lizzy influence on this one. Lots of Thin Lizzy influence on this one.

-Perry Grayson, 19 Aug 2004


I've written my share of fantasy-inspired lyrics. Just look at "Elfland's Daughter" on Die Wontcha. It was inspired by fantasist Lord Dunsany's novel. Dunsany came before Tolkien even. I rank him higher than Tolkien! But for the past several years I've been penning more reality-based lines. That's just where my head's at. We've already talked about a lot of issues you get confronted with living in the 2000s. That's fuel to the fire.

-Perry Grayson, 21 Jan 2009


Corporate Whore

The lyrics to "Corporate Whore" were written when I was outraged over my dealings with that corrupt landlord. The music came before the words. It's roughly a tale about someone who once held fast to the hippie ideals of the late '60s and then turned their back on them to become a crass, money-hungry pig. Someone who doesn't hesitate to screw over hard working individuals if it means a fatter bank account. I saw plenty of that in L.A. On one hand I wish I'd been around to experience the hippie era, on the other I see the backlash. AIDS, corporate globalization, you name it. People call the '80s the "Me Decade." A lot of people are still way too self-absorbed.

-Perry Grayson, 21 Jan 2009


And as a proud employee of mega corporation Boeing, I'm relieved to learn that "Corporate Whore" wasn't written about me!

-Greg Lindstrom, 21 Jan 2009



A falcon (pronounced /?f??lk?n/ or /?fælk?n/) is any species of raptor in the genus Falco. The word comes from their Latin name falco, related to Latin falx ("sickle") because of the shape of these birds' wings.


Here is the song with the same name as the band.

The Wreck Of The John Deere


This is an instrumental. John Deere is a tractor brand.

Greg and I finally collaborated on "The Wreck of the John Deere," and it was really quick and painless.

-Perry Grayson, 21 Jan 2009

No Future


my straightforward heavy rocker about being in the music biz

-Perry Grayson, 20 Jun 2004

Everything There Is To Know

This was written already in 2004. It is perhaps the first song Greg wrote for Falcon. His previous Falcon songs, were originally written for Cirith Ungol back in the days.

Work on new material continues. Greg has a brand new tune (not an old Ungol song) called "Everything You Need To Know..."

-Perry Grayson, 28 Sep 2004

Show You All

cirith falconThis song was originally recorded by Cirith Ungol on their orange demo album from 1978. It had Rob on vocals. The booklet has a cool artwork for this song which was painted by Robert W. Garven, 1978.


another one by Greg that Cirith Ungol had on their self-released "orange" demo cassette in 1978

-Perry Grayson, 20 Jun 2004

"Show You All" is another old CU song I originally wrote in the late ‘70s that CU used to play live quite a bit, sometimes with a drum solo in the middle. It originally was an "our band is great and other bands suck" type song, but since I've grown older and I don't really feel that way anymore, I revised the lyrics to reflect my disappointment with the modern mega concert experience. You can read the original lyrics in Rob's artwork in the booklet.

-Greg Lindstrom, 21 Jan 2009


BuffaloA Buffalo cover.

Original version appears on the Buffalo album "Dead Forever" (1972).


Perry has also jammed with Dave Tice (Buffalo) at Merton Estate Hotel in Sydney in 2008.




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