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Praying Skeleton Logologo

The praying skeleton logo is our own design, dating back to around 1977.

-Greg Lindstrom

This is the most common logo. It has been adapted by Falcon.



starWheel of Fate / Chaos Star

Eternal Flame: Next to the praying skeletons CU use the symbol of the chaos star. What’s behind that? Can you tell us anything about this symbol? Nowhere at all we found any information about the sign of the chaos star ... (Other bands we found using the sign of the chaos stars on their LPs/logos etc. are Bolt Thrower and Sepultura...) 

Robert Garven: In the Moorcock books the CHAOS sign is described as a symbol with many arrows pointing in all directions symbolizing the many possibilities of CHAOS!  The symbol of LAW was one arrow pointing up.  We liked the idea of CHAOS and I designed the logo based on my readings of the book.




original logoOriginal Logo


The picture is part of one of the flyers that had the original Cirith Ungol logo. The original CU logo was designed by Rob Garven, who was a graphic illustrator. The font used is called Necromonicon, and some of them had Saturn crosses stuck in, like in BÖC's logo.


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