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Heavy Rockin' Raw

This is a CD I got as a bonus gift from Greg Lindstrom when I ordered a official Cirth Ungol hoodie. Thank you Greg!

It is a home made compilation of various artists that inspired Cirith Ungol, mostly 1970's hard rock and metal along with short comments for each song. Along with the CD, was a handwritten letter where he thanks for the work of the websites and gives some background of the CD:

I've included a CD compilation I made up last year with some of the 70's bands that were a big influence on us. Some of the songs on here: "Evil", "Back In '51", "Rock And Roll" and "Gambler Gambler" CU used to play at various stages in our early career. I think "Back in '51" will probably see the ligh of the day if we do a box set including old material"

-Greg Lindstrom, late 2010







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