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The Webpit credits

The Cirith Ungol Webpit is a fanpage created by a norwegian fanboy and IT student. It was officially launched March 2010. Thanks to:

  • everyone who has supported this site, contributed and supplied with additional info and/or pics and taken the effort of replying to my mails: Perry Grayson (Falcon), Sven the Axe (Solemnity), Graham Ganson (artist), Gunnar Hansen (Faustcoven), Barbarian Wrath, Conan (Game Two Records), Manolis "Barraza" Karazeris and Marco Concoreggi (Dexter Ward), Francisco Dias (Blood And Iron Records), Page Townsley (Mausoleum, Vore), Isamu Sato (H.C. Minds), John Brenner (Revelation), Andrea "Kiraya" Magini (Rosae Crucis), Robert Garven (Cirith Ungol), Jimmy Barraza (Cirith Ungol), Bart Gabriel (Hard Rocker Management), Michael Johnson (Cirith Ungol), Dennis Schediwy and Gerrit Philipp Mutz (Dawn of Winter), Callae Goltz, Salvatore Fallucca (Classix Metal) (, 
  • all visitors and Cirith Ungol fans
  • any photographer and journalist who has published interviews, articles, pictures, etc
  • the musicians and everyone who helped in some way or other

Your help is wanted!

I'm constantly looking for people who can contribute or collaborate in some way or other. You can contribute once, or regulary, it's up to you. Here are some ideas to contribute with:

  • Use the website! The easiest way to contribute is to sign up for the email legion and use the comment fields actively to engage more fans.
  • Become a co-editor. Basic knowledge in HTML doesn't hurt, but is not required. Decent skills in English and a huge dedication to Cirith Ungol is mandatory.
  • Feed me with news. Tell me about any news so I can post them on the frontpage. If it's just a small update, it will be posted in an appropriate section.
  • Correct or supply with any additional information to any part of this website. Also feel free to correct spelling error/bad language.
  • Become a photo album moderator. Add pictures, sort the photos in the gallery, add captions, approve/delete user comments, etc.
  • Conduct interviews with any of the bandmembers or other prominent/related people, like roadies, producers, collaborators, friends, etc.
  • Find logos/frontpages for the rest of the interviews. See the Press page.
  • More info and analysis on each song.
  • More info on the covers. I'm not into fantasy literature myself.
  • Create a section for literature CU has got inspiration from. You can create the section in Word if you like, and I'll copy it into the website.
  • A section for bands CU has got inspiration from.
  • A section for bands who has got inspiration from CU.
  • A section (or page) for instruments with pics and info about the instruments CU used.
  • A section (or page) for their live shows.
  • A section (or page) for tourdates for related bands. At least Greg Lindstrom, Jim Barraza, Vern Green and Michael Johnson are musically active today.
  • A section (or page) for studios and/or the record labels.
  • A page for timeline/history of Cirith Falcon. You may get inspiration from Black Sabbath timeline. It isn't done on an afternoon, but you don't have to do the whole page at once.
  • Watch out for new merch, new bootlegs, new cover songs, compilation album or movies containing tunes from Cirith Ungol/Falcon, new tribute videos, upcoming live shows with any former member or session musician, CU in the press, and any other stuff you may come over.
  • Improve website design.


If you have any other ideas, don't hesitate to contact! All contributers will be credited. Sorry, but I don't pay your money for it! Contact for further info.



Contact info:

Dani Steinhoff,

savx23 [at] yahoo [dot] no

Please add "Cirith Ungol" to the subject to ensure the mail doesn't get to the junk folder.

Alternatively, leave a comment in the comment field.


Do you have any ideas to improve The Webpit? Leave ideas and feedback here, or contact me by mail.


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2013-04-03 06:46:13
Mark Ticer

Hello, I'm wondering who might have a brand new, factory sealed copy of the Paradise Lost CD on Noble Rot for sale at a reasonable price.  Thank you from an old Cirith Ungol fan. 

2013-03-04 03:12:50

hey dani..scott campbell here...hope this finds you well...i have additional stuff for you...

prophecy- original "go it alone" demo/w jimmy

and additional prophecy demo "buried alive" (jimmy recently posted a bootleg recording on you tube)

also live rehersals of prophecy with jimmy recorded ...

and much other related stuff...let me know where to send....


take care


2011-05-04 01:18:35
In awe of that answer! Rlelay cool!

2010-12-30 20:53:34

Hello, I would like to interview Cirith Ungol for a spanish fanzine: . But I don't find any contact with them!! Please can you tell me about?? Thank you.

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