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2014-06-30 02:07:46




2013-02-14 10:00:20

Spiritbell - Doomed Planet (Cirith Ungol cover)


2012-11-10 10:23:20
Sándor 'Pixi' Patak

Hello Friends! I write to You from Hungary again. Our new tribute album "True Spirit Carries On" is out now, and on this CD is a new version of Cirith Ungol's "I'm Alive" song! Our old version is deleted from youtube, but here's the new link:

The album includes songs from Cirith Ungol,Metal Church,Manowar,Manilla Road,etc.

You can download this material from for free! Stay True!

Greetings: Pixi, SpiritBell band

2012-07-11 14:22:54
Carsten Freckmann

Celtic Frost isn`t a name from Cirith Ungol ! 


Interview with "Tom G. Warrior" :


I've always wondered where exactly the name Celtic Frost came from? I've read a few ideas on it but what is it's real meaning?

"It's very typical Martin and me. We just couldn't do it like any other band, we had to be different. We didn't want to have a metal clich� name. we wanted to have a synonym for the apocalypse. So we chose "Celtic" as representative of human civilizations and we used "Frost" as a sign of decay, of death, of standstill, when everything freezes and dies. We took the name "Frost" especially because after the winter, after the frost, there is always a new spring and life blossoms again and to us it reflected very much the coming and going of the different civilizations on this planet."


One thing I've wondered...I've heard the band name pronounced "Keltic Frost" I guess like from Ireland derivative of the Celts? And I've also heard people pronounce it like "Seltic Frost." Maybe you can set the record straight and tell us how it is supposed to be pronounced.

"The official way, the correct way, is "Keltic." That's how the band was formed too. However, you guys in North America, 90% of you guys call it "Seltic." Since Reed was in the band and Martin is a double citizen (he's American too), this "Seltic" thing crept into the band and half the time we ourselves said "Seltic" and half the time we said "Keltic." We caught ourselves, we tried to say "Keltic" but it's so hard when you have your main market in America, it just slips in."


Greetings !

2012-04-26 18:22:17

Awesome SIGNED Cirith Ungol stuff here!

2012-02-07 19:53:41

cirith ungol a masterpiece

your website ¡excelente!

from Colombia,



2012-01-10 21:09:04

Sorry:) Here is the link to our cover:

Hope You will like it!

2012-01-10 21:07:36

Hi Friends!

We(SpiritBell) made a new Cirith Ungol cover "I'm Alive"! Please listen to it and write some comments! Thanks, I wish you all the best! Hail from Hungary!

Greets: Pixi

2011-12-17 02:03:02
matthew cockerill


CU - King of the Dead shirt available only in small though

2011-06-21 06:43:38

The world's best band's song processed

2011-05-29 18:45:56
george glinavos

the only thing i want to say is MAKE A REUNION AND COME TO GREEEEEEECE!CIRITH UNGOL must come back from the dead,your music is immortal!

2010-04-11 00:00:00
Kevin Gibbs

Great website.  I love it.  Thanks for putting forth the effort.

2010-03-18 00:00:00
Greg Hazard

Hail To The Ungol Legion!

You all may remember me, Greg Hazard, Cirith Ungol's official photographer from Frost and Fire's release' till the very end.  I was there for every concert performance, most band rehearsals and every recording studio session starting with King Of The Dead.  I have many, many unrelesed photos from a decade worth of Ungol - when Metal truly was METAL!!!!!!!!!!

2010-03-03 02:00:10
mackus, the DOOM LORD
It´s amazing! This site´s just another statement for the Hordes of Chaos not to be the forlorn ones! But to be honest: I´m just a spectator - not gettin´ involved! Hail the true Kings! UP THE IRONS! And THX A MILLION for this formidable site!

2010-03-02 00:00:00

Hey dude, Awesome SIte!  I almost did the artwork for the cover on CIrith Ungols Tribute "One Foot in Fire"  However communication and collaboration with Bart Gabriel somehow got mixed up and things didn't work out. Kind of a bummer!   But I still have those images I did if you want to use them for your site. He never used them, there was no contracts. ONe image is a collage of images from their cd covers. The other is a hand drawn/photoshop colored image of Elric of melbourne.   If you need any additional "original" Cirith Ungol Artwork created for your website bro. Don't be afraid to ask. Not looking for money! I am a HUGE Cirith Ungol Fan and I'd be happy to help out

2010-03-01 21:57:19
Rayzor Cardona

Hi All! Tip my hat to all those involved in this site. It looks really high standard website. I look forward to exploring it. The Michael Whalen art looks fantastic. A Bayarea Cirith Ungol fan!

2010-03-01 00:00:00

Awesome site, my most sincere congratulations. I learned a lot about one of my fave bands ever, thanks a lot. Greetings from Spain, with one foot in Hell!

2010-02-23 21:23:06

Just testing.

2010-02-22 21:49:04

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