Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo
Mórbida Productions 1993

Total Playing Time: 24:56
Produced by: Mórbida Productions and MASACRE
Engineered by: Federico López
Recorded and Mixed at Hangar Studios in Medellín-Colombia in March 1993
Cover Painting by Juan de Flandes (Santo Entierro)

This Mini LP sold a limited edition of 1000 copies. It contains 4 tracks in a denser line. A new drummer (Victor Gallego) comes into the band who incorporates a brutal and excellent punch, becoming a starting point for the next CD “SACRO”. Lyrically the band talks about religion and violence in Colombia. The cover painting was by Juan de Flandes who was burnt up because the way he painted the catholic religion. This recording is full of density and depressive riffs.

Juan Carlos Gomez: Guitars
Dilson Díaz: Bass
Victor Gallego: Drums
Alex "Trapeator" Oquendo: Vocals

Track Listing
Sarcasmo Divino
Camino al Calvario
Imperio del Terror
Una Flor sobre mi Tumba