Lorito Records 1995

Total Playing Time: 41:48
Produced by: Lorito Records and MASACRE
Engineered by: Federico Lopez and Dilson Diaz
Recorded and Mixed at Lorito Records Studios in Medellin-Colombia between September 1995 and January 1996
Cover Painting by Otto Dix (1929-1932) The War

This CD was released by the new label Lorito Records in Medellin. It includes 11 tracks with 3 intros which give a rest and prepared the listener for the upcoming tracks full of brutallity, crushing voice, great riffs and excellent guitar solos. A new Guitar player (Jorge Londoño) comes into the band and incorporates a new and fresh sound for the band. This CD includes aggressive songs which have become classic tracks for MASACRE. SACRO was ripped off in Germany, the name of the band was changed to “The Bad Butcher” and the CD was entitled “More Bloody Flesh”.

Juan Carlos Gomez: Acoustic & electric guitars
Dilson Díaz: Bass
Victor Gallego: Drums
Alex Oquendo: Vocals & screams
Jorge Londoño: Guitars

Track Listing
Orgasmos Oscuros (Paraíso)
Tierra de Lamentos
Dolor Sensato
Mas allá del Dolor...
Funeral Amén
Dios del Horror
Pecados no Perdonados
Ritos de Muerte
Moral Esclava