ALEX OKENDO (vocals)

Founder and original member of the band since 1988. His voice is brutal and tearing, and has inspired some bands because he usually combines two kind of voices in a way it sounds too aggressive. His experience for over 15 years begun with two projects that took him to form MASACRE. His recording experience is long because he has recorder 5 CDs / LPs with MASACRE and has recorded backing vocals in bands like Pirokinesis, Liturgia and Confusion. He is a graphic designer and actually works in his own tattoo studio.


He has been in MASACRE since 1992. He has played drums in a local band called Sabotage and recorded a demo tape with them. In MASACRE he has recorded 3 CDs, and you could listen his speed and aggressiveness in the CD "MUERTE VERDADERA MUERTE". His musical experience is around 12 years. He studied history before playing in MASACRE.


Lead guitar player of MASACRE with a very good technical foundation in this instrument. He begun in MASACRE in 1994 for the tour of "BARBARIE Y SANGRE EN MEMORIA DE CRISTO". His musical experience is around 10 years and he has played in some Heavy Metal projects and has recorded in MASACRE the CD's "SACRO" and "MUERTE VERDADERA MUERTE." The outstanding features of his rhythm composition and great guitar solos have gained too much recognition among the fans of MASACRE. Besides MASACRE he works as a guitar teacher in his own institute and studied Forestry Engineering.


He has been in MASACRE since 2001 replacing Dilson Diaz (who is the vocalist of La Pestilencia). He comes into the band for the tour of the CD "MUERTE VERDADERA MUERTE". His musical experience is over 8 years and has played in bands like Murder and Remembrance of Pain. Now he works as an engineer in a recording studio and is a teacher of Bass Guitar and Electric Guitar in an institute of this city.

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