MASACRE shows us now all its brutality and power with their last CD "Muerte Verdadera Muerte". In this interview Alex Oquendo talks to us about this stage of the band and what it means to him to be in one of the most important bands in Colombia.

1. We didn’t know too much of the band for almost 4 years. Why was Masacre so silent?
We were in trouble with our label, we were writing new material for a recording and searching for a new label. We were touring in Colombia, in Ecuador and in Venezuela. Too many people will realize why the band was silent for a long time, we hope our new CD will break the silence.

2. Death Truly Death, so brutal is the new CD?
Too much more.

3. How do you think the fans of Masacre will recive the new CD?
This CD has been recorded thinking about the fans there’s MASACRE for more than the last 12 years.

4. I know this CD will be out in Argentina by Hurling Metal Records How is the reception of the scene in Argentina to Masacre?
Excellent we’ve got too much mail from Argentina, there’s too much support from the fans there.

5. How was the contact between Masacre and Hurling Metal Records from Argentina?
I’ve talked to Pocho the owner of Hurling Metal for more than 10 years and we’ve trading material, done business and we’re been in contact with the scene, and the proposal to edit our CD raised and it’s good to work with an old friend.

6. Talk to us about the compilations of Hurling Metal "Nahuel II" and the compilation of the magazine "Sacrilegio Vol 1" from Argentina?
OK, thanks to Pocho we’ve been in some compilations in Argentina and that way we do promo to our CD and we reach more people in Argentina. Soon we’ll be in another compilation which contains 17 bands of pure and extreme brutal death metal.

7. Listening some of your new songs I saw a new and fresh Masacre with music so brutal and compact. What happened with the sound of Sacro? How do you see the sound of the band now?
We didn’t have pressure from labels, and our engineer was so professional. Also the band wanted to do an excellent recording, musically and lyrically.

8. What happened with Metal Bastard Rec and "The Bad Butcher" How was the ripping off? How did you know about it?
We were aware because Repulse Records from Spain told us about it, later we got in contact with a friend in Germany because this is the country of origin of the label which ripped off our CD and my friend told me everything about it. Those ripping offs happened with our CD Reqviem in Mexico and in Polonia.

9. Talking about Metal in Colombia is talking about Masacre. How do you feel being one of the most important symbols in the Colombian scene?
It is great to see that our recordings have been alive so long and will be alive thanks to our fans, because it’s for them and to them, Pure death metal fucking rules!!!!

10. There’s almost 12 years with Masacre. What teachings have you got to this time?
Always do what you want to do, no matter what people say or think.

11. Thanks Alex for this interview. Some words to end.
I must say thanks a lot for your support, to all the fans give us your opinions about our CD Keep your force alive and with ours too, and keep Death Metal Alive!!!!!

By Colombian Metal Website - December 2000