When we speak about Death/ Black Metal from South America there is no chance to forget the colombian legend MASACRE who were part of such historical documents like the split LP with Profanatica (with Ola de Violencia EP), also the other releases are in a good Death/ Black style, but in last years the band MASACRE CAME out of the mind of many metal heads as nothing new could be heard...Majestic Fire made a few questions to Alex Oquendo (vocals in MASACRE) and the translation for D.O.V.!!!

1. Greetings Alex, how is MASACRE going in these days?
"Thanks for giving us some pages to talk about MASACRE, greetings to all metal heads and welcome!!!"

2. What could metal heads await from the new album of MASACRE?
"A brutal stuff, beastly and killer!!! It will contain all the force of our style and it will show a current MASACRE that does not leave the heaviness and aggressivity of death metal sound. It will have nine songs, brutal songs, one and another with speed and force, returning to these good riffs and the raw topics and the real style of our first CD Requiem".

3. What are the differences between the new CD and the previous ones?
"Each MASACRE release depends of the moment and the current situation of the band, sometimes you can find in our sound a little bit of the groups we like, and it depends on the place where we live too. Colombia is a singular country, very violent".

4. Do you consider that MASACRE continues into the extreme and brutal death metal sound, considering the visible and evident technique showed in the last compositions?
"Yes, of course!!! We still are very brutal!!! We are MASACRE after 12 years of hard work. The technique can be fused with the brutality, I think. We will not leave our heaviness and old sound, because all our fans still continue to support us".

5. Do you think Decade Records is a good label for MASACRE, seen the visible importance of MASACRE into the underground worldwide? What advantages could Decade Records offer to MASACRE?
" Decade Records is an excellent label, perhaps the best label of this country. Muerte Verdadera Muerte will be coming up on CD with the argentinian label Hurling Metal. We appeared in a compilation CD of this label, with pure bands from Argentina. About the new CD there are many expectations because this CD will have an special edition on CD ROM with two live bonus tracks".

6. I consider the band after Sacro CD has been in an extended silence. Do you consider that the final result was the best or do you think that MASACRE can offer more things to their fans?
"Yes, after our CD Sacro in 1996 we had two tours in Venezuela, also in Ecuador and in Colombia, we appeared in several compilations in Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and in Colombia. In 1999 we recorded three promotional songs in advance to our next CD Muerte Verdadera Muerte, next MASACRE entered again to record the full CD. The silence that you say was only a moment of inspiration and creation, also we were searching for a new label".

7. I understand that Hurling Metal is a great label from Argentina and that they have an extreme difusion to their bands. What new countries could the music of MASACRE penetrate with facility to this next release and what underground reacting will you await around the world?
"Hurling Metal is a great label and they have good distribution around the world. I think that everything can help us very much, so in a few months our CD will be coming up in English too because we want to penetrate into the European market where we have a great quantity of fans".

8. What about concerts in foreign countries, What kind possibilities could you receive?
"Well, currently there are many opportunities: In April we could play in a music festival in Venezuela, it will be for two days. Also, there is a programming tour through Central America and logically we would play in Argentina and another countries in South America after of the release of the new CD".

9. How do you see the current underground scene in Colombia?
"There are many important things like the coming up of important foreign bands in all styles to Colombia, so the national bands will have more experience when playing with different bands from around the world. Is this important or not?. (It shows that Colombia is not forgotten!!! –ed).".

10. Why cannot MASACRE enclose the KISS cover Stutter on the Argentinian edition?
"Unfortunately we have to pay for the owner rights . You could imagine the cost for it!!!".

11. How do you see the sales perspective?
"Good, because our CD will be available through a good label with excellent distribution. Also, we have made a good work, we know that people will be more receptive to us, they know our style and sound".

12. Thanks for your words Alex to D.O.V. Any comment to add?
"Thanks for your support Majestic Fire. Keep on to be strong and honest to metal, we hope that you buy our CD Death Truly Death and send us your opinions, sure answers. Thanks a lot again, LONG LIFE TO DEATH METAL !!!".

13. Future plans…
"To play, to compose, to drink, to fuck…DEATH FUCKING METAL RULES !!!".

By Desecration of Virgin Magazine - Number 5 - Germany