Hi Alex, its great pleasure for me to speak with founder of band so merit for the scene which is Masacre.
Hi man, thanks a lot, I am honored to answer this interview.

Generally it can be said that you are one of the founders of south American scene. I am curious how it was at the beginning in 1988. Were there any other bands moving in circle of brutal music and how was it with so called underground? Swapping of information was going on in rather traditional way (read by post), internet was not so popular as it is nowadays. Tell me something about those times.
Special times. There were good bands in the underground scene here in Colombia, Reencarnacion, Pirokinesis, Astaroth, just to name a few. All the contacts were done by airmail, magazines, demos, etc. Everything was so hard but it was worth the effort.

It was probably hard for you, even bands often quite good have real problems, I have in my mind lack of places for trials, personal issues or troubles with equipment.
Yes, if you said so, imagine the problems in South America. Here in Colombia it was too difficult to get good instruments, good places to rehearse, professional studios to record, places to play in concerts, etc. Fortunately everything has changed a little nowadays.

In your biography I have read that your band was born in Medellin, where as all knows is present one of the biggest narcotic mafia of the world. From daily news on radio or TV I hear about murders and mafia gang wars. Is that reality in your country? Violence, rape, death-not nice perspective of life. Is Masacre some kind of response for what is happening in your country?
Yes, we lived violent times in the 80s and in the 90s because of the mafia in our country. The governments have fought against it, things changed but we still live in violence, terrorism, factions trying to get power, guerrillas killing people, etc. By the way, that is what inspires our lyrics.

After all every member of Masacre is working somewhere or studying. You do not complain about way you are living?
You know it is too difficult to live from Masacre, we live for Masacre, but we try to work in jobs related to music, teaching guitar and drums, recording bands, tattooing, etc. The band gives us some money from the CDs, royalties, merchandise, shows, etc. It could be better and we dream about the day we could live only from Masacre, I hope it will be soon, this would give us plenty of time to focus only in the band.

Even if Masacre is well known in underground it is hard to find any info about you. I must confess that it was hard to find anything from you after the release of Requiem, which was available in Poland thanks to Osmose/ Carnage productions. I was sure that Masacre was dead and now I hear that you had released some albums since that time. Why is that? What happened with contract with Osmose Productions? After all it was giving you some promotion on European market.
Osmose did a very good distribution and promotion with us in Europe, things did not continue with them, so we recorded with other labels in Colombia, because of this we lost some promotion, but we continued our road. Now we have good contacts in Norway, Denmark, Japan, USA, Argentina and more countries to distribute our albums. The upcoming album will be well distributed around the world.

Lets continue this topic. You have played many concerts only in your continent. Did not you have a chance to perform in Europe? Do you find it strange that a band with such experience have not played in old continent? (Or maybe I am wrong) . Bands such as Internal Suffering, Disgorge, which experience and probation is funny comparing to you are visiting Europe, Poland, it can be said that they could perform in my town. Your comment to my words.
We have been playing continent all these years and we did receive proposals to play in Europe but it was too hard to get a whole tour running. Now we are in contact with some booking agents there, and it seems we will be hitting your continent next year
after we had hit the whole USA.

OK, Lets talk a bit about music created by Masacre. You hail rather to old school death metal. At times when everyone tries to play more or less in way created by bands behind ocean for example Devourcostam, Dying Fetus, Deeds of Flesh or ultra technical European school for example Spawn or possession, Vicostam Bleeding, you still walking your own way. Don’t you think that reason why music created by Masacre is still out of the way?
Our goal is to play classic death metal the way Tampa bands do it. We really love this sound, but it was difficult to achieve it recording here. I think it has been good to sound different from the metal trends, but we know we have to be in them to progress and get signed. See question 14 to know about our new CD and sound.

Question which you probably heard hundreds of times what is tour music fascinations? Do those fascinations have any influence on music made by Masacre? Who makes core of music, probably guitarist?
Our fascination is to play everywhere and take our music to thousands of people. It transports us and let us create better music each time. Usually the music is written by the guitarists, then we think about the lyrics, always following our inspiration in violence.

From old squad lasted only you. But it is still Masacre, you style has been kept.
We try to keep our style going, it is pure fucking death metal, as simple as that.

What is you vision of Masacres music in the future. Have you ever wondered what is going to be with the band after let say five years?
Write more songs, record more CDs, play everywhere around the world, get good reputation, live and enjoy everyday playing and doing what we love. We are very focused on what we are doing right now, and we know this will take us so far.

What is your opinion about bands who sign contracts with big record companies. Bands who frankly say that they work. I have in my mind of course metal bands. In my opinion if musicians do not have other education than musical education been often self learned and it is his only chance to earn and take care of their families (I assume he has one) then why should no he accept such occasion?
We respect them and their decisions, it is just how they want to live, what they want do with their lives.

If you have a chance to record an album for a big record company, which of them would count on commercial success of Masacre and openly would told you “record a good album which will be selling good” Would you accept this? Would you let them mess with Masacre music?
We want to live and die in the underground, if it is a good company and it does not push us to write commercial material and let us continue with our ideologies and fast and heavy stuff it would be acceptable.

OK, Lets talk about the future. Step by step you are recording new material entitled Total Death. From that what I read it is going to be more mature, faster, technical just total Masacre. In fact two promo tracks which I have heard are what you wrote: Did not you have propositions from any record companies?
We recorded our upcoming CD “Total Death” and it sounds great, it is a killer album. It was produced, mixed and mastered by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Ex Morbid Angel). This is the best album we have done, it is pure fast death metal packed of very good tracks, songs in English for the first time. We have some proposals but we are still studying them. Anyway our label here in Colombia will put it out soon and it will be distributed around the world.

How is the situation in Europe with Masacre albums? Has anyone taken care of their distribution here. Are your productions available in Poland? I bought “Muerte Verdadera Muerte” on festival Obscene Extreme in Czech Republic.
Mighty Music from Denmark distributes the last album “Muerte Verdadera Muerte” and Apocalyptic Empire from Norway is going to edit that CD in vinyl soon. We hope the distribution is good there, if not it is going to be better for the upcoming album.

OK it is going to be end of our talk Do you have any dreams associated with Masacre which did not come true yet?
Our dream is to play in Europe with the best bands there, in the very best festivals and in every club, and receive total support from you guys.

That’s all questions. Thanks for this interview I hope that we will hear not only once about the new album of Masacre. Stay brutal.
Glad to answer this interview, please wait for our next album and visit our website at www.masacre.cjb.net. Long life to death metal. See you on tour soon.