1. Greetings Alex, first of all, tell us what has happened with MASACRE lately?
Hello Andres thanks a lot for your support and this interview, well too many interesting things have happened to MASACRE, we have recorded our new CD entitled "TOTAL DEATH" recorded completely in english and we included one of our songs from the Reqviem CD (Conflicts for peace). Now in english our recording is more direct and confined in the Death Metal style, that is the reason for the name of the album. We have an excellent home page with all the news, bio, mp3, photos, etc... you can visit it at: www.masacre.cjb.net.

2. About the new CD what could we expect from MASACRE in this recording? Tell us about the details of it.
Ok, there are 9 songs of pure total brutal Death Metal in the vein of Tampa Fl which is the one we like the best. This CD was recorded in Bogota at Sirio Studios and will be produced, mixed and mastered in the USA. Our label is Hateworks (Decade Rec) and we will film a videoclip. We hope it opens more doors overseas. "Muerte Verdadera Muerte" was the CD which began a new change for our sound, fast drums, attacked guitars and a more brutal and aggressive voice, that is what you could expect from Masacre.

3. After many years, you are going to release a CD in english. What does it mean to you? Do you think it will open more doors for Masacre in the English-spoken scene? Is it an answer for the necessity to internationalize the band?
Yes, after 15 years and 5 CDs it is time to express our lyrics in english, give a more direct message and be more competitive inside the death metal scene. It will open more doors and it will give us the opportunity to internationalize our songs and get bigger things for Masacre.

4. As I undestand this is the second and last CD with Hateworks. How was everything working with them?
Decade or Hateworks is a great label, maybe the best in Colombia, they are serious, honest and agile walking at big steps, we are happy with them, but we will be happier if we find something bigger because we pretend better things.

5. We also expect for a new edition on CD format of your recording "Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo" tell us about it.
Well, this CD was edited on LP format in 1993 and only for 1000 copies. Now after 10 years it will be edited as a Digi-Pack with 3 live bonus tracks, two of them on Multimedia. The recording will be remastered and will contain a new booklet, it is going to be out with the label Hateworks as an edition of 2000 copies, besides it will be out in the USA as a limited edition of 1000 copies.

6. Masacre has changed its line up, for instance, what happened to Juancho. Is this a definitive line up?
That is sad but Juancho and Dilson are not in Masacre anymore, that is clear and they have a job to do with La Pestilencia. Now we have new membres and we have been working with them for 2 years. Our line up is: Jorge Guitar, Rafael Guitar, Alvaro Bass, Victor Drums and Alex Vocals.

7. From your own perspective, How do you see de present for the colombian metal. What do you think about some bands which are living overseas?
The metal in Colombia reached its highest point and was stagnant. We saw the whole process, and the bands are aware there is no more to get here and some of them traveled to seek for a deserved recognition and get what an artist is always looking for.

8. When will be MASACRE touring in the USA or in Europe. Do not you think it is your time? You deserve it guys.
We are looking for it, it is our strongest desire, we have changed our language to get more opportunities in the USA or in Europe and that is why we are going to finish our CD in the USA and get the sound and final quality we want.

9. The lyrics of MASACRE touch the violence in Colombia and around the world.
Yes, our lyrics have not changed, and when the situation turns more violent so de the lyrics. They are an answer to the reality we live and we cannot be indifferent living in one of the most violent cities in the world.

10. I imagine the lyrics in "Total Death" follow the same way, tell us about it.
Yes, as I told you before they are more violent and they touch sensitive parts of new problems like the peasants and indigenous people in the cities, and the children carrying guns or drugs. This is real and happens here in Colombia and it is getting worse and away from a solution. Some new songs are: Battlefields, Wrath intense pain, Kill or get killed, Victims...

11. I would like to have some brief words which describe the CDs of MASACRE and give us an opinion of them.
*DEMO 1: "Colombia, Imperio del Terror" 1989
It was the beginning of our career. We never thought it would be so big and serious.

*DEMO 2: "Cancer de Nuestros Dias" 1990
A brutal and raw recording, we were waiting for the future.

*MAXI EP: "Ola de Violencia" 1990
Maybe the most brutal recording and the one which opened the doors to record a CD in Europe.

*CD LP: "Reqviem" 1991
The biggest one, because of the doors it opened for us in Europe, we achieved the things no other band had achieved before with our own music in our own language. Produced by Osmose rec. It is a classic masterpiece in Death Metal.

*SPLIT CD LP: "Ola de violencia" 1992
Osmose edited our "Ola de violencia" in Europe with 2 bonus tracks.

*MAXI EP: "Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo" 1993
This self produced recording is totally depressed and full of sadness. It is different to the previous recordings but we did not lose our heaviness and characteristic strenght.

*CD: "Sacro" 1996
It is a fast and a classic recording for the band produced in Colombia by Lorito Records.

*CD:"Muerte verdadera muerte" 2001
Our band captured the aggressiveness end creates a perfect mixture between Reqviem and Sacro. The result was a brutal recording with great sound, attack of guitars and became the horizon for the upcoming CD, the most brutal recording ever done by MASACRE entitled "Total death".

12. Many of the fans of MASACRE still live under the shadow of Reqviem and Osmose and some of them say that the change of Osmose to work again with colombian labels was a trouble for MASACRE. What do you think about it?
Maybe, but they see everything from the outside and do not live what we lived inside. There is nothing to win working with a big label but not receiving honestly the royalties of our own CDs. If you take a closer look Osmose is not working anymore with the bands they worked in the beginning, do you know the reasons for it? Now Osmose will re edit Reqviem with Ola de Violencia in a digipacked version of 1500 copies. We hope our legal royalties this time.

13. I hope "Total Death" achieves what you have proposed, I wish you the best. Something to add?
Thanks a lot Andres, you are our brother in this battle for the colombian metal. Thanks a lot to our fans and wait for "Total Death", keep on supporting us and visit our web site: www.masacre.cjb.net. Long life to Death Metal.

By Andrés Castro of Transilvania Music