Manowar Related Links.

The official Manowar Homepage: the given page for any Manowar freak.

Dawns manowar funsite: Its a damn good site and she gots lots of links.

The True Metal Homepage: A good swedish site, well worth checking out.

Fighting the world manowar page: Good page.

Manowar - Realm of the warlord: Also a good page.

Manowar owns you!: A damn good site managed by Universe..yup the same guy that gives us

Metal related links!

Heathens Bathory Page: a damn good site to one of the best bands.

Official Morbid Angel Homepage: Killer site. Nuff said.

A tribute to Nordic Black Metal!: Ahhhh now thats music.

Marcus Carlssons black and doom metal page: A good page all in all.

The Oficial Ancient Homepage Not a favorite band but good enough, good Site to.

Metal Map Europe: A useful tool in finding sites.

Emperor: Metal at its best, these guys know how it should sound.

Venom: a damn good link to one of the best bands ever!

Siebenburgen: A damn good Swedish BM band. the best in my eyes, next to Marduk.

King Diamond & Merciful Fate: A good site with tons of MP3īs

Celtic Frost: A site dedicated to one of the alltime best bands around.

Rock Bitch: well if noting else they do have a damn good live show, that is if youre single *LOL* if youre underage, dont go there!

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