The First Warrior Fan Club was officialy created in february/2000 during a concert of Steel Warrior in Florianópolis/SC /Brazil, (see pics - F1 - F2), when many friends that some time already knows the band have decided create a fan club to show the importance that Steel Warrior was, is and will be for them. However this ideia already come of other concerts, since the first one that we saw, also in Florianópolis,where the idea of a Fan Club has started. 
Nowadays, we are fighting beside Steel Warrior band to reach the pride, the honour and the integrity of Metal in our lives... for that... Metal will never die.

"Stay True and Heavy"




Rua Senador Raulino Horn, 473

Centro - Braço do Norte - SC - Brasil

CEP 88750-000



00 55 48 658 2593

0 48 9956 2252