(Germano André Schwartz, Ronaldo Jappe)

Can you give me some peace of mind?
See through me and what I think, find?
Overlay your will over mine?
Can you shut the ceaseless light?

Pull from me the words buried in time
But do not pull the essence of life...

Can you lead me when I'm blind?
Can you just be by my side?
Can you rid me of my fears?
Can you? Can you?

"We were in need of a fast and quick song (max: 2:30 min.) to put
on a compilation and then we had this 10 line lyrics from our friend
and we just laid the music on it! It fitted perfectly as you may hear!"

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jack Emerson at Studio 3 Santa Rosa

Copyright © Fison 1999. All rights reserved.