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..: Interview April 23th, 2000 by Sandra :..

- There's metal in the air tonight, can you hear it call!?

Sandra: The Kings Of Metal are back to release two video-boxes this year. One within the next weeks and one a little later on during summer.
Joey DeMaio: We always try to do things that we have never done before.We haven't done a longer video so far, but we think that the fans will like it. It's very interesting as the video starts with the time Karl Logan joined the band. The first part ends with summer 1997 and the second part contains the years 1997 to 2000.

Sandra: Next to live shots the video will contain private moments, backstage-material before the shows and in the tour bus.
Joey DeMaio: People who have seen us on the Hell On Wheels tour or on one of our last year's summer festivals can enjoy the show once again on video and people who haven't seen us live can see what they've missed. That's a very good deal for everyone.

Sandra: Some of the fans can even discover their hair and faces in this video. Manowar tried to catch as many of them as possible!
Joey DeMaio: We've filmed in a lot of different places. As the fans are part of us, they are part of our video as well.

Sandra: Quite logical that most of us will not only be full of memories when seeing the video, they will also want Manowar back on stage again. Unfortunately we will have to be a little patient...
Joey DeMaio: At the moment we don't have any plans to play live...

Sandra: But as there's nothing bad without anything good...
Joey DeMaio: We're working on a new album at the moment! When we finished our work on "Louder Than Hell" we were so exhausted that we only wanted to go on tour. We promised ourselves not to enter a studio again too soon. But when we heard the fans asking for a new album on our gigs, we got motivated again, and here we go!

Sandra: Now we know that we definitely can look forward. The only thing we don't know is, how long we will have to look forward for this album.
Joey DeMaio: If I could tell you how long it takes us than I would make a lot of people happy around me! But I really can't say how long it will take us. We want to make a real good album with not only one or two good songs like most of the other bands. The fans should know that if they buy a Manowar-album they will get everything. We want to give our fans albums that they can listen to for the rest of their lives!

Sandra: For every impatient person within the Manowar-family there will be the video-boxes as well as a brilliant interview Joey gave in German Penthouse magazine until it's time for the next CD-release... The interview for Penthouse Joey gave this past December. German erotic show "Peep" did a feature on the band as well!
Joey DeMaio: Penthouse heard about us and that everyone says we have the coolest fans. They heard that we were some crazy wild guys riding motorcycles and playing heavy metal music. The people of "Peep" heard about us because of the feature "Penthouse" did with us. It was fun!!

Sandra: On the pictures for the features Joey is surrounded by three very good-looking young ladies.
Joey DeMaio: Well, that sometimes happens...I used to. But instead of reading books and magazines about sex all the time it is much better to just do it!

Sandra: Talking about women and men: A lot of women are fond of Manowar. More than of any other metal band in this world.
Joey DeMaio: That's logical! On a Manowar- show you can meet the coolest guys and as pretty girls always want to be around cool guys they go to Manowar- shows. The other way around it's the same: Cool guys wanna be surrounded by beautiful women!

Sandra: It's no secret that some of the girls even get their way on stage...
Joey DeMaio: It was my birthday and we played a gig in New York city. My girlfriend was there and her parents, too. The guys organized me a striptease girl that came on stage during show. My girlfriend wasn't very happy about that, pulled the girl to the toilet, put her head into it and flushed the toilet. I was so sorry for the strip girl! She didn't understand what was going on and she was completely innocent! Of course, I calmed her down and spent the night with her as she was my birthday present this night...

Sandra: There are only Joey's final words that can compete with this story, so here you are:
Joey DeMaio: I always end up interviews like this as it comes from my heart: We want to thank all our fans. We know that we were nothing without them. We love them and we always give them 100 percent. We have the best fans in the world and every other band knows this and is jealous because of that. It's impossible to be greater than a Manowar- fan. It's the best you can be.


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