I Got It

†Well Thereís No Charge For The Haircut
And The Bullets Come Free
My Uncle Sam Sent A Letter Said
Got A Mission For Me

†Now Iím A Ranger Not A Stranger
And I Live In Saigon
Weíve Got A Team Of Special Forces
And We Deliver Napalm

†But If They Tell You That Iíve Lost My Mind
Baby Itís Not Gone Just A Little Hard To Find
By The Time This Letter Gets Home
Iíll Be Gone Gone Yeah Gone

†And If They Tell You That Iím M.I.A.
Think A Little Less About Me Each Day
Cause If I Ever Get Back
Iíll Be Shell Shocked Whoa
Shell Shocked Yeah

†Feels Funny Ridin In My Car
Used To Drive A Tank And Shoot A B.A.R.
I Know Iím Home But I Feel Gone Gone Yeah Gone

†Now Itís Over And The Homelands Safe
Got A Purple Heart To Show The World Iím Brave
The Business Man Sat Home
While I Got Shell Shocked Whoa
Shell Shocked