Civilization Crumbling Fast
End The World With A Blast
People Afraid Walking The Streets
Scums Have Their Day ĎTil They Run Into Me

†Are You Ready

†Livin In Fear Ainít Livin To Me
Iím Armed With A Gun Defending The Free
They Blew It In Nam Shot Up My Friends
Iím Back In The Street The Fight Never Ends

†I Was Born With A Gun In My Hand
Iíll Die For My Country
But Iíll Die Like A Man

†Violence And Bloodshed

†Now That Were Back To Animal Law
The Playbackís A Bitch Iím Paying All
All My Life I Been Waitin To See
Whoís Gonna Win Crumbs Or Me

†Are You Ready

†My Brotherís Still In Da Nang
Putting An Ad In The Back Of Kerrang
Iím Looking For People Who Just Wanna Kill
Weíll Go Back The Nam Cause No One Else Will

†Land Of The Free
Home Of The Brave
Now Thatís How It Is
And Thatís How It Stays
Violence And Bloodshed