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November 21st, 2003


Hell On Earth Part 3

Release - date Europe ( PAL format ) : December 8, 2003

( release - dates for other parts of the world using NTSC will follow shortly after this )

Manowar announces Hell On Earth Part III

From arena tours to the biggest festivals in the world, MANOWAR slaughter their way through another world tour delivering what heavy metal fans crave! Pure Power!

Hell On Earth III features more than 90 minutes of ear-numbing performances private behind-the-scenes footage,
interviews and pre post show rituals.

This package also features the program "Live In Germany The Ringfest", the legendary one-hour show that dominated the city of Cologne during the PopKomm. 2002 filmed and recorded in front of 27,000 people. This performance has been completely re-edited from at least a dozen cameras and remixed in 5.1 digital surround sound.

But thatΉs not all! For the first time ever the bands entire video collection is included.

Beginning with "Gloves Of Metal" to the latest "I Believe" plus several never before seen documentaries about the making of these videos.

Featuring more than 60 camera angles from performances in 17 countries and 35 cities, live footage from across the world, and the wildest, craziest and heaviest metal fans in the universe.

With the release of this double DVD MANOWAR have set the standard in heavy-metal video.

Get ready youΉre about to go to HELL for the third time in your life!

Check soon for more details and information about Hell On Earth III shirts!

Tracklist HOE3 :

• DVD1
• Hell On Earth III
• 1. Introduction
• 2. Brazil * +
• 3. France
• 4. Spain
• 5. Czech Republic
• 6. Holland
• 7. Fighting The World +
• 8. Austria
• 9. Switzerland
• 10. Sweden Part 1
• 11. Portugal
• 12. Heart Of Steel +
• 13. Evil Eclipse
• 14. Germany
• 15. Belgium
• 16. Greece
• 17. Italy
• 18. Kings Of Metal *+
• 19. Duel Of The Titans
• 20. Hail And Kill *+
• 21. Nessun Dorma ***++
• 22. Return Of The Warlord **+
• 23. Monsters Of The Millenium
• 24. Denmark
• 25. Sweden Part 2
• 26. Gates Of Valhalla +
• 27. Finland
• 28. Estonia
• 29. Russia
• 30. Brothers Of Metal & Sisters Of Steel
• 31. Credits

• 1. Black Wind Fire And Steel +
• 2. Herz Aus Stahl +
• 3. March For Revenge +
• 4. Wheels Of Fire +
• 5. Alexander The Great
• 6. France
• 7. Moments In Time
• 8. Friends
• 9. Moments Of Truth
• 10. Nessun Dorma β€ The Story
• 11. Wildlife

• DVD 2
• "Live In Germany The Ringfest"
• 1. Introduction
• 2. Manowar *+
• 3. Kings Of Metal *+
• 4. Eric's Speech
• 5. Herz aus Stahl +
• 6. Evil Eclipse
• 7. Warriors Of The World United
• 8. Kill With Power
• 9. House Of Death
• 10. Joey's Speech
• 11. Black, Wind, Fire And Steel +
• 12. The Crown And The Ring

• Video Collection
• 13. Gloves Of Metal
• 14. Blow Your Speakers
• 15. Metal Warriors - live
• 16. Return Of The Warlord **+
• 17. Courage - live
• 18. Warriors Of The World United
• 19. I Believe
• 20. Gloves Of Metal β€ special edition
• 21. Secrets Of Steel

• 1. The Making Of 'Gloves Of Metal'
• 2. The Making Of 'Gloves Of Metal' special edition
• 3. The Making Of 'Blow Your Speakers'
• 4. The Making Of 'Return Of The Warlord'
• 5. Fire, Ice & Gasoline (The Making Of 'Warriors Of The World United')
• 6. The Making Of 'I Believe'
• 7. The Warrior's Prayer
• 8. Ringfest Documentary

• * Double DVD in a special package
• * incl. "Live In Germany – The Ringfest" and the bands complete video selection
• * 5 hours of pure Heavy Metal
• * full 5.1 surround sound
• * moving menues
• * subtitles in 9 languages
• * complete new Artwork from Ken Kelly

August 25th, 2003

Hell On Earth Part 3 & Part 4 !!!

MANOWAR is in the final stages of mixing Hell On Earth Part 3 video (completely in 5.1 audio). Hell On Earth Part 3 and Hell On Earth Part 4 are certain to be instant heavy metal video classics. Famed film and music video director Neil Johnson is back at the helm as well as a huge MANOWAR fan himself and states "These videos cannot be compared to anything produced to date as they achieved a new standard for heavy-metal and music videos, a MANOWAR standard, which includes the newest technologies, featuring over 60 camera angles, live footage from across the world and the wildest, craziest and heaviest metal fans anywhere".

January 23rd, 2003

Into Glory Ride!
The latest single from MANOWAR, The Dawn Of Battle jumped to position #33 on the German Single Charts but it's not the only place where the Kings Of Metal show their power, Warriors Of The World re-entered the German Album Charts and is now #31!

November 30th, 2002


The third and brand new single "The Dawn Of Battle/I Believe" has just entered the German single charts at #44.

The video for "I Believe" has been shot on 35mm in the Czech Republic with the support of thousands of fans at one of the first shows of the tour. It has now been accepted at VIVA for continuos plays in the show "Fast Forward" and in the "Rockgenre" on VIVAplus. Also you can vote for more plays on MTV has accepted the video for their "Rockzone".

The band has just completed a new appearance for the legendary "Top Of The Pops" which will be aired this Saturday, Nov. 30 on German RTL coinciding with the first German show that same day in Trier. The show is tremendously received all over Europe and many thousands of fans in the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and Scandinavia enjoyed the energy and raw power of the band, the show, the setlist and the outragous set design (by "Lichtbau").
The German leg features 15 shows within the next three weeks and is presented by VIVA, VivaPlus, WOM and Hammer Magazine who just ran a six page-cover story in their current issue, don't miss that one!

Coincinding with the tour MANOWAR will also release a new double DVD called "Fire & Blood". This outstanding rocumentary features part 2 of the series "Hell On Earth" with almost two hours of running time "Hell On Earth Part 2" documents the 1998 "Hell On Stage" European Tour with almost 30 shows.

The second DVD "Blood In Brazil" contains one of the bands most legendary performances as the special guests at the 1998 "Philips Monsters Of Rock" in Sγo Paulo, Brazil. For the first time a complete concert performance has been captured in the band's career. A visual testament to MANOWAR's kingdom of steel in Brazil has been filmed with more than twelve cameras in front of more than 30,000 of South America's wildest and most devoted metal fans.

Naturally both DVDs are mixed in 5.1 audio and bonus footage is included: alternate song versions, interviews with journalists and crew members give viewers an incredible insight into the magic of the music and the fans of MANOWAR.

Also - as a special bonus the songs "Warriors Of The World United" and "House Of Death" are included as live versions, captured at the already legendary "Ringfest"-Performance in August 17, 2002 in Cologne/Germany.

November 14th, 2002


RELEASE - DATE : November 18, 2002

They still keep surprising you. For example, we are organising a contest and ask the band for some prices to give away. What's the answer : well, " the winner will be our support - act on the Mega Fanconvention next year ". I mean, WHICH band is doing things like this ? And then all of a sudden the phone rings : " our next single includes " Call to Arms " and I'm going to write 2 new songs for it " ..... You're speechless for a bit, because you've just seen the intense process of the making of " Warriors of the World " and than they go back into the studio and record 2 brandnew songs ! I'm listening now for 2,5 weeks to them and they just go on repeat in my stereo :

THE DAWN OF BATTLE ( 6:40 min. ) :

Yeah, I have to admit that these kind of songs are my favorite Manowar songs : fast, raw, aggressive.

" ... bravery calls my name ... "

The song hits in right away, faster than light ! Eric performs great again in this song, great guitar - lines. Brilliant part in the middle, when the song slows down, .... to continue more aggressive again ! " .... and I will fight, yes I will fight, in the Dawn of Battle ".

I BELIEVE ( 4:07 min.) :

This song gives you the feeling what you'll get when you listen to " Carry On " etc. A typical song you will scream your lungs out when they play this live. " .. say the words forever, your strenght will never leave. If you want to win the fight , say I Believe ! ". Mid - tempo song. The chorus is stuck in your head right away.

Marjo Verdooren

Director Worldwide Web Warriors, Manowar's Official Webring.

The Dawn Of Battle

More info about the new single :

To announce the start of the WARRIORS OF THE WORLD TOUR 2002/2003 – the undisputed Kings Of Metal will release the third single from the album "Warriors Of The World".

The single not only features the album's powerful opening song "Call To Arms", already branded a metal classic. But as a special bonus two brand new MANOWAR tracks, entitled "The Dawn Of Battle" and "I Believe". The band's first new songs recorded outside their normal album production cycle and will no doubt be in the tradition of the many great anthems MANOWAR are known for.

The single will be hit the streets in three different configuration: First – a standard CD-single with additional enhanced material such as excerpts from a documentary shot during the most legendary performance at the Ringfest 2002 in Cologne on August 17, 2002. Secondly – as a Premium CD-single with an additional DVD side, featuring the full documentary of the "Ringfest 2002" and a teaser about the upcoming DVD release "Fire & Blood" in highest quality.

Thridly – as a picture vinyl featuring the brandnew tourartwork – again painted by the famous Ken Kelly.

All digital formats are equipped with the patented "CD connector/DVD connector" where the fans can easily access a special secured fansite. Here they can learn more about the upcoming tour and it's groundbreaking and always earth shattering production.

The single will be released on November 18, 2002 and will crack open the earth for the upcoming world tour which will take the band to more than 13 countries with over 36 shows from November to December 2002. This is the call to arms to all of you Warriors of the World - !