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August 25th, 2003

Hell On Earth Part 3 & 4... read more

July 11th, 2003

Manowar and Mythology section is updated;
new pictures are added to the Picture Gallery...
"Picture Gallery"

July 10th, 2003

New interview with Joey DeMaio... "Interviews"

March 9th, 2003

Videos and History sections are updated...

March 6th, 2003

New interviews are online... "Interviews"

January 23rd, 2003

Into Glory Ride! The Dawn Of Battle single charts... read more

January 22nd, 2003

4 New Manowar interviews... "Interviews"

November 30th, 2002

New single charts, Double DVD and much more... read more

November 14th, 2002

The Dawn Of Battle Review... read more

October 30th, 2002

Manowar's New Single "The Dawn Of Battle"... read more

October 21st, 2002

Swiss Fanmeeting in Pratteln and Special Manowar Fanchats... read more

October 20th, 2002

The WWWW has 2 official contests running right now... read more

October 16th, 2002

MANOWAR Warriors Of The World Tour 2002 update announcement:
The show listed for Wednesday November 13, 2002 in Madrid, Spain at Macumba
has been changed to the following: Wednesday November 13, 2002 in
Valladolid, Spain at Pol. Huerta Del Rey (Sport Hall)....
" Tour Page "

October 14th, 2002

New pictures are added... " Pictures "

October 11th, 2002

New Manowar Songs... read more

September 6th, 2002

New Tour Dates are announced... " Tour Page "

August 22nd, 2002

New single and MINI DVD/CD are released... read more

July 22nd, 2002

Manowar contest, a new tourdate and much more... read more

June 27th, 2002

Meeting point at Roskilde... read more

April 5th, 2002

New Tour Dates are added... "Tour Page"

March 8th, 2002

Available in the USA exclusively through The Kingdom Of Steel... read more

March 7th, 2002

New Tour Dates are arriving... read more

March 6th, 2002

MANOWAR Album Title And Release Date Announced... read more

January 19th, 2002

Manowar will headline the Lorca Rock Festival... read more

November 18th, 2001

Manowar will headline Gods Of Metal Festival... read more

November 15th, 2001

Hell On Earth Part 1 DVD is now available in Europe... read more

September 30th, 2001

Manowar and Mythology section is updated.

September 26th, 2001

Manowar Background ; New section is opened, "Manowar and Indians".

September 24th, 2001

Manowar and Mythology section ; Links of the odin and thor pictures are fixed.

September 19th, 2001

Fast Taker, Shell Shock, Dark Avenger, Battle Hymn, Secret Of Steel, Gates Of Valhalla, Kill With Power, Thor (The Powerhead), Mountains, Sign Of The Hammer, The Oath, The Crown And The Ring, Pleasure Slave, Hail And Kill, Metal Warriors and Burning translations are added.

September 10th, 2001

New single is on the way... read more

February 6th, 2001

Manowar is just finishing the Silver Edition of Battle Hymns... read more

February 4th, 2001

The Power translation is added, besides song names are translated to Turkish.

January 1st, 2001

"The Mythological Gods and Themes
That ManOwaR Used in Their Songs" section is opened.

December 12th, 2000

Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee, Return Of The Warlord and Outlaw translations are added.