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The aim of this page is to become both and easy reference for any doubt about such informations as discography and line up of a band, and a guide to the discovery of unknown bands, and thus I hope to give my little contribution to the spreading of the word of Heavy Metal. From now on I won't be alone when working on this page, but I'll also have the valuable aid of a Metallian of certain faith: comments, reviews (when not explicitly ascribed to someone else) and segnalations are opinions of one of us two, given after a deep meditation, trying to understand the very will of the gods. :)

Again, no pictures, no java, no waits
Just Power, Metal and Might

This page is not meant to be nice looking, but fast loading and visible with any browser: I've used strict html 4.0 with css to define the visual aspect: if your browser does not support them you will be able to see all the contents of the page, but no "graphical enhancement". I've placed no picture of any band on the page because I couldn't take them but from booklets or similar, and I would have copyright problems, but I always try to provide links to pages where they can be found. I will consider placing mp3 or other sound files (with the authorization of the owner of the rights) instead, for I believe they can be useful for the purpose of this page.

I've been able to test this page with Netscape Navigator 4.7 for Linux and for Windows, Lynx 2.8.3, KFM and micro$oft explorer, if you find problems when browsing this page with other browser / systems, please let me know.
Most of this page written with VIM 5.5.


sometime between 1995 and 1997
Valhalla's Heavy Metal Pages appeared on Geocities
17 june 1999
Valhalla's Heavy Metal Pages moved to truemetal.org
8 March 2000
Begun working on the new version of the page

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