Heavy Metal FAQ

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  1. What is Heavy Metal?
  2. How people who listen to Heavy Metal is called?
  3. Is Heavy Metal satanic?
  4. How many Metallians are there in the world?
  5. Wich Band gave birth to Heavy Metal?
  6. How many kinds of Heavy Metal are there?


What is Heavy Metal?

Heavy Metal is the louder and most powerful Music in the world!
Listen and worship it, or you aren't worth enough to live :)

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How people who listen to Heavy Metal is called?

Metallians, Headbangers, Metal People,etc.
In Albania they're called Metalist or Metalari
In Argentna Metalero
In Belgium hard-rockeurs, Metal Heads
In Brazil Metaleiros
In Canada dirties, Bangers
In Chile Metaleros, Metalicos, rockeros
In Finland Metallisti
In Greece Metallades or, in early '80s, Heavymetallades
In Hungary Metalosok pronounced "metaaloshock"
In Italy Metallari, Metalloni
In Nova Scotia, Canada Metallista
In Portugal Metalicos
In Puerto Rico Metallicos
In Romania Metalisti
In Russia Metalist
In Slovenia Metalci
In Spain Jevos,Heavies
In Sweden Hårdrockare (those who listen Hårdrock, the Swedish word for both heavy rock and Heavy Metal
In Ukraine Metalist
In USA Rockeros
In Yugoslavia (and also Croatia) Metalaci pronunced "metaalatzi"
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Is Heavy Metal satanic?

Yes, yes, of course, we're all satanist! And by watching this page you have automatically sold your soul to the devil! :)
Heavy Metal isn't satanic or non-satanic, each band has its beliefs: there are christian bands as well as anti-christian satanic or pagan bands, but often religion isn't the main topic of the lyrics.

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How many Metallians are there in the world?

Does anybody know???

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Which band gave birth to Heavy Metal?

Amedeo "the REAL PRE-ROMAN" Santarelli said: Black Sabbath made Heavy Metal in the 1970 (With paranoid album and not with Black Sabbath album that is the doom metal's bible) but the band who invented the name is called Judas Priest only in the 1976 with Sad wings of Destiny, their second album and expecially with the song called The Ripper. Iron Maiden in 1980, was the first ONLY Heavy Metal band, in fact Sabbath and Judas recorded non-metal albums before 1976 (for example Technical Ecstasy and Rocka Rolla).

But Joe said that the name Heavy Metal had been used by Steppenwolf in the '60 in "Born to be Wild":

I like smoke and lightning
Heavy Metal thunder
Racing with wind
And the feeling that I'm under

And Javi said that Led Zeppelin made Heavy Metal before in songs like Kashmir

While ~amber~ said that the beatles actually sang the first metal song, "helter skelter". Zeppelin and Black Sabbath just took it to another level.

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How many kinds of Heavy Metal are there?

There is only one True Metal, in its many shapes.

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