is a wonderful Power Metal band from Italy with two records out. Their quality as composers and musicians is very high, so we´re sure they will reach fame soon. Guitarist Stefano Droetto spoke for you...

Heir Of Power

- Your first album "Heir Of Power" is a really good record but the sound is not as good as the songs, I mean It would be better with a more suitable production, Don´t you think so?
Well...our first job...had a really difficult realization...first of all we had troubles with our first label (Underground Symphony) and so we had to change with NorthWind Records...adding delay to our album...the lack of time forced us to choose a close and cheaper studios...(we had to pay the recordings) from that troubles came the bad quality sound of "Heir of Power"...

- You have recorded the new CD "When The Aurora Falls" at New Sin Studios and it sounds much better than "Heir...", the songs are great and the cover is beautiful, Do you feel now like one of the big bands of Italy like Rhapsody or Lab˙rinth?
Oh no! we would like to be so big!...he he...we don't have such a big label behind our we can't be so famous...but I think that our music now, is good as the one of the band you told before...we hope to reach "the horizon" as soon as possible...


- The producer this time has been Luigi Stefanini, What can you tell us about working with him?
Stefanini is a very great producer...we felt comfortable with him from the first moment we start working! He showed us many little secrets...that helps a musician to get a good work!!!

- By the way, It looks like NorthWind has trusted in you, It seems you´ve got a bigger budget for this album...
Yes...NorthWind Records allowed us with a bigger budget! I think it is necessary if you want to make a cd that sounds like the ones of the "big-german bands"'s sad to be said, but money is very useful to record an album! Our label trusted us...because the first album...even if not properly produced had a great consent from the audience...and since the new songs are really good ones, a better album was ready to be recorded!

- Which is your favorite song from the new CD?
Mine?...well..."Tears Of Darkness" absolutely! it is the longest song of "When the Aurora Falls..." but I like the sound & feelings that song can create. Also the lyrics are very interesting since are taken from a Vampyre's me: "it's great!!!"...ha ha...(for me it is!)

- Is Highlord going to play out of Italy soon, maybe Spain or France...
We really would like to!!! but at the moment we don't have any contact to make such big concerts and tours...we hope to find some opportunity soon! you have any idea?

- Why did you change the name of Avatar to Highlord and what does this name mean for you? Is it something religious?
Both names were taken from Fantasy there is not a real relationship to religion... Avatar is a name to describe a "God" when he takes human form...we liked that idea, so we choosed it! But there was already a German band with that name in we had to change!...I remember I was looking one of my Role Playing Hand books...and I read that word..."Highlord"...well...I liked it so much, so I asked what was the opinion of others band-members...and they said: "GOOD!"... he he...ok, you we are Highlord!

- Let´s talk a bit about your lyrics, What kind of stories can a fan find in your albums?
This is very interesting I our first album "Heir of Power" there were some lyric talking about Epical subjects...for example "The Eclipse"...or "Will of a King"...they were fantasy songs...on the way of Manowar...or Blind Guardian... "When The Aurora Falls..." is different also in the lyrics from our previous you can't find epical subjects...because we wanted to put in our songs our feelings and emotions...(except for "Tears Of Darkness")...from the first can find words talking about something we lived in 1999...and how it reflected on our souls...and of course music!

When The Aurora Falls...

- What do you think is the main attraction of Highlord?
Maybe that we are simple and handsome persons...we like to talk with have friends...and stay close to the fans! we don't want to have an invisible wall dividing us from the audience...I think it is an important thing! We never forget that we are the same as the guys who come to our concerts...and we are there for their same reason: "HAVE FUN!!!"

- What is the strangest thing that someone has said about the band? I mean, about your influences or something like that...
The strangest thing?...let me see...yes, sure! a guy told us we had better to think about world's problems instead of making Heavy Metal...My GOD!!! that's strange, isn't it??????

- If you could choose a festival to play in, which would it be?
WACKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! help us play there!!!!! pleazzzzze!!!!!!

- Which is your opinion about Internet and new technologies? Some people say "If you´re not in Internet you don´t exist"... I think Internet gives great opportunities to get in contact with every part of the is a useful resource, has good and bad aspects...the hard thing is how to use the good ones and avoid which are bad!!!

- Well, I think it´s all. Anyway if you want to add anything else or tell us something you consider important, feel free to do it. And don´t forget about our contest, O.K.?. Thanks.
Sure! I want to say thanks to all of you!! so THANKS!!!!!!...the most important thing is friendship!!!! and I consider everyone of our fans as a friend!!! Yeah!!! I remember the contest!!! I sent you signed pics!!!...ha ha...have you received it? Thanks so much and stay Metal!!!!!!!

- Interview by Gema Pérez.