- First, I would like to know more about the split of the band, What happened?
The main problem was that our previous singer wanted to go for a solo career and the manager wanted to take part on that because of contract reasons. They found no agreement and started to fight. Me and Kiko didn't want to choose sides on that and neither to leave the band, so we stayed and tried to move on.

- Has this fact affected the sound or style of Angra in any way?
Yes, because the band was not to motivated during the past two years. When people start to stress out everyone around get bothered. The fans started to notice and the only solution was the split.

- Your new album "Rebirth" has been produced by Dennis Ward (PC 69), Did you intend to work with Sascha Paeth (now in Virgo with former Angra singer André Matos) or was Dennis Ward your first choice?
Our first choice was Charlie Bauerfeind who was already booked. Sascha was contacted but he was also unavailable. We have contacted Dennis and for our big luck this is one of the best sounding albums we've ever done.

- What can you tell us about his job in the album? Do you like the result?
Yes, I'm very satisfied with results of the album. He helped us to finish the songs, he kept a very good atmosphere during all the recordings, always in a good mood but at the same time he was very technical and serious with the details.

Angra - What can the fans expect from "Rebirth"?
A great album full of energy and power. The return of the spirit of Angra. The fans can expect to be surprised.

- Which are your favorite tracks of the Cd and why?
This is a hard one! Rebirth is a concept album and it makes not too much sense the songs individually, but the dynamics of the story is the secret that people are loving so much this new record. Each song has a piece of this story. You have to listen carefully and you will see that I'm right.

- Angra start the Brazilian tour in November, which countries will follow? Are the dates for Spain confirmed now?
After Brazil we go to Argentina and Chile. In March we're heading to Europe, starting in Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Germany, Belgium and so on. Right after Europe comes the Japanese tour with a few dates in different cities. Two concerts in Los Angeles, Mexico and I'm home again.

- What will the fans find in your live shows?
They will find a band doing a very rare thing nowadays! We will be playing good music with a great vibe, lights, sounds that reaches their feelings and a moment to be remembered.

Rafael Bittencourt - Tell us about the writing process for "Rebirth", Have the new members been involved 100%?
The new members brought a lot of input to the band. I cannot say they were involved 100% because me and Kiko were already writing some songs when they came. But after they have joined the process started to be faster and more dynamic.

- Do you think that the old Angra fans will be satisfied with them (the new members)?
Yes, for sure! The new members are surprising everyone, I would say their presence is the best quality of this new album. The scene had no surprises for the latest years, everything seemed to be the same. They brought freshness to the Metal Scene.

- How would you describe Edu´s voice and style?
Powerful and melodic! He is very versatile, he goes from Dio's style to very soft high pitches. He is very well experienced and charismatic, people love him and you will love him too.

- Any plans for the future...?
Many plans, the world tour, the mini album next year containing many nice stuff, another album in the end of next year and a great future for everyone.

- Well, we´ve finished, I wish you all the best in this new "adventure" and see you on the road... Now the last words are yours...
Thanks again, Gema, for all your support, and thanks also for all the Spanish fans who believed that we could survive together with the spirit of the band. I see you on tour.

- Interview by Gema Pérez.