Donīt you know who Cage are, where the hell have you been living??? Critics and fans alike have tried to classify this five piece group from San Diego, California, with terms like "pure millennium metal", "classic metal for the new age" or "modern day power metal"... whatever you want to call them, you should go and buy the cd right now. 'Darker than Black' is their new album, sit down and read the words that vocalist Sean Peck spoke for you all...

- Congratulations on your new album. I think it is really good. I suppose you feel the same?
Yes, now we are just trying to top it now with the 4th cd. We won't release it until we do so. 'Darker Than Black' is the power metal cd of the last few years, I think. Especially from a song writing standpoint.

- You have included some typical black metal voices on this album. I donīt really like those kind of bands too much, but I have to say that these sounds make the album heavier. Do you usuallly listen to black metal bands?
Not much, it gets a little monotonous after a while. The vocals offer no variety after a while. The musicianship is always excellent though. We did it to spice things up and shock some people.

- I would like to talk to you about the spanish version of Chupacabra. How did the idea come about? Who helped you with the translation to Spanish?
I thought that someone screaming Chupacabra!!! would sound cool and I think I was right. The idea came from some shows I saw and stories I have heard about the creature. Since it is a Mexican, Central and South American Phenomenon, it made great sense to sing it in Spanish. It has gone over great and it was a way to show respect and thanks to all of the Spanish speaking fans we have around the world. Roy Z helped me track the vocals and my manager helped translate the words for me. It was fun and by the way, we just filmed a music video for it.

- Do you think that you can sell more records in South America thanks to that song or only in Spain?
That remains to be seen. It comes out in Mexico and South America in September down there, so I hope it goes over good. Spain has done real well for us though.

- A last question about that... will you sing it in Spanish when you come here to play? (just curiosity)
Absolutely. Sometimes I do it half and half and in our upcoming shows in Mexico I will speak to the crowd in Spanish and sing Chupacabra like that.

- The promotion of the CD has been amazing and you also have some European dates confirmed, for example the Piorno Rock festival in Spain. Are you thinking about a complete European tour at some future time?
We are always working on that but this business has tough economics attached to it. As our popularity grows we will be able to do the Maiden like tours with 5 semi trucks full of stage effects and lighting!!!

Cage - Do you have any information about how the sales are going for 'Darker than Black'?
I have heard that Massacre was very pleased with how it did so all it takes now is a tour because we are vicious live! That is where we convert the most fans when they see us live.

- Have you composed similar material for the next album? I mean, I hope you keep on playing the same style...
Yes we are working on the cd now and it will definitely not loose the vibe we have created with this cd but we may have some more thrash elements show up as well as some new voices to be heard.

- A lot of bands are lately criticizing the sharing of musical files via the internet, but this is not a new thing, I mean years ago people were doing the same but recording cassettes not sharing mp3 files. What is your opinion about that (piracy)? Donīt you think itīs a good way to get to know new bands that maybe nobody plays on the radio or tv stations?
I think that piracy is horrible and really makes it hard on bands to continue economically. I am not one who believes it is good exposure and all of that. It just exposes a ton of shitty bands to clog up the system. Unfortunately there is no end in sight and kids today think it is sacrilige to actually pay for a cd.

- Well, the last words are yours... thanks for this interview and good luck!!
Thank you and all of the Cage fans who appreciate our continuation and dedication to the style of heavy metal.

- Interview by Rodrigo Mayayo.
- Translation by Gema Pérez.