- Ok let´s start, there are two years between your debut album and "Send Me An Angel". Can you tell us what happened after the release of "Vision Divine"? Why it took more than a year (the standard time nowadays) to come back with a new CD?
You know, a south-american tour, italian tour and festivals, Rock Machina festival in Spain, many things and our "obligations" with Rhapsody and Lab˙rinth... then, we didn't want to make a copy of the first... so we need some time to make a "step"... in our music...

- What remembrances do you have of the early days of the band (good and bad)? What have changed the most from then?
We are very good friends, between me and Olaf there's a very good feeling (we know each other since 10 years!!!) and all the band is like a family... we just feel a little disappointed 'cause for the first album a lot of people were talking about Vision Divine as a project!!!! and we hope that now, with the 2 CD the situation will change... this is a real band,not a "secondary" band!!!!

- In your new album are 10 songs (plus a cover), could you tell us a little bit more about each song and the lyrics (meaning behind words and so on...)?
We can say that we like to talk about experiences... we just express our feelings... this 2nd CD is the "dark side" of the Vision Divine, we talk of sad, deep things, religion things...--"Send Me An Angel"-- we think that someone have to show us the right path!!! 'cause today our world is going "mad"... (i like to think that everyone can have a different point of view, and put his own experience, interpretation in our songs!!! that's why we have a lot of "metaforic" and not "specific" words!!) look at the word "traitor" in "Send Me An Angel", you know, in the past we trust in some people, also in the music business, now we realize that we were wrong!!! that's another interpretation of this song!!!! but is a really"personal"one... i think that everyone must say "goodbye" to someone in the life... in "Taste of a Goodbye" we say it in our way, with hope... in our mind... "Apocalypse Coming" is about all the things that happened in america... (the 11 of september i was singing this song!!!! imagine) and all this bad things that we have in our world today. An important thing to say is that we are not a christian band... also if we like to talk a lot about religion... hell and heaven, and so on...Fabio Lione

- The cover artwork of the new CD is amazing, what is the whole meaning of it? Is something you told to the artist or he came up with that design?
We told to Simone Bianchi (the same artist of the first cover) to make the cover artwork in this way, yes, is really good and you can see the "first" archangel (of the first cover) in the hands of the new one!!!! is the dark side of the Vision Divine, this new album is more aggressive, sad, heavy than the first... is the new "path" of the band...

- Vision Divine played Rock Machina Festival ´00 (a very important one I must say) & some others I think, How did that go, I mean what can you tell us about the fact of playing in front of thousand fans screaming your name and singing all your songs?
It's fantastic, especially when you hear the fans scream and sing your songs!!!! about Rock Machina, we really appreciate it the spanish people are great, latin people... he,he... the best is when between the band and the fans you can "feel" a special atmosphere... and in festivals, this feeling can be incredible...

- I think you have made a progression between the first album and the new one? Has it been a "natural progression" or something you wanted to do that way? (By the way I want to say that the new album is really GOOD)
I agree with you, the new one is more mature and complete... (but we can say better, they are different... so we can't compare!!!) the first is much more direct and melodic... that's the point, we didn't want to make a new power metal album... i think "Send Me An Angel" is more than just a Power Metal CD!!!! The word "evolution" is in our mind...

- Do you think that Vision Divine has something special that makes it different from the rest of Metal bands? What is it?
We have our way of play and be, our music is the result of our feelings, experiences, and passion... we try not to follow anyone... and we play what we want...

- Do you have any future plans right now?
Right now we just want to play a lot, and to prepare the Vision Divine number 3!!!!!

Vision Divine - Will you include Spain in your next tour? Can you give us some details about it (when will it start, what will we see on stage...)?
We don't know yet, we have to go in South-america again in June, then we'll have the italian tour, Wacken festival... and we hope that will be possible to play in Rock Machina... or some shows in Spain!!!!! we know that the album is going very good...

- You have chosen a cover of A-ha´s "Take On Me" for "Send Me An Angel", Can you tell why this band and why this song? I mean in the first album you included "The Final Countdown" of Europe (very good cover indeed) but A-ha has nothing to do with you or Metal...?
A-ha are a very good band (really good singer also) and "Take On Me" is a really good song... that's why me and Olaf choose it... and also we discuss about that and we agree that in every album of Vision Divine we'll do a non-Metal cover... but in the Vision Divine way!!!!!

- How do you find the time to do all that you do (Lab˙rinth, VD, the contributions to other bands albums...)?
The word "passion"... if you really want and like something you are able to do everything... you have just to manage your time...

- Could you try to define "Send Me An Angel" with no more than ten words?
Heavy, aggressive, dark, sad, the road to the "divine" path!!!!!!

- Well, we got to an end in our chat with Fabio Lione. We´re sure you have enjoyed it and we recommend you all to listen to their new album, it´s a must have.

- Interview by Gema Pérez.