- When and why did you decide to start a band and why the name of WOLF for it?
The embryo to Wolf was founded back in 95 by Nick and Mike. After going on at it for a few years and under different names, a change of drummer steered the band on to the right track. Dale showed to be the right man to beat the crap out of the drums, and a suitable name for such a heavy orchestra was needed. Wolf showed to be the ultimate heavy metal name. Just before releasing the debut album "Wolf" the band felt that a second guitarist was needed to be able to perform the songs as on the album. 3 weeks before the release the band found me, and Wolf was a quartet.

- All the stuff around Wolf (your look, the artworks, your official homepage...) are a bit different from the rest of Metal bands (you know, blood and nude girls on the album covers...), is something you do deliberately?
Yes of course, we are quite sick of that kind of stuff. It's a bit sad that everything has to look a certain way to be accepted. I mean, we love naked girls, don't get me wrong but it's done a million times. We want to show the metal world who we really are, four guys who go nuts for heavy metal. Nothing more nothing less. We take care of the girls on our spare time.

- For your two albums so far you have worked with producer and engineer Peter Tägtgren at the Abyss studio, has it been an election of the band? What can you tell us about him and his work with Wolf?
Peter Tägtgren is a genius and it was a pleasure to work with him. After recording the first album it felt natural to go back to Abyss for the second one. It's a really relaxed feeling working with Peter and the Abyss studio. It's situated in the middle of nowhere, by this beautiful lake. All you can do is to record and chill out. Drink beer in the sunset and play some football. Peter is a cool guy that we have full confidence in. He understands what we want to do, both musically and otherwise. It's a blast to work with him really, and we are going back for sure. Johnny

- I think that your music is very influenced by Iron Maiden and the early Heavy Metal, is that right? Is Maiden one of your favorite bands?
Iron who?? yeah I have heard about them, they have stolen everything we've done!!! No seriously, Maiden is a favourite to some of us. We grew up with the NWOBHM so all bands of the early eighties have inspired us, some more than others. We listen a lot to Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate and Accept. And why not some Baron Rojo!!!

- You recorded a video for the song "Moonlight" and I think that some TV stations from your country have launched it, how did it work? Have you thought about making another video for one of the new songs?
Well, It was shown a few times on national TV but unfortunately the single for Moonlight was delayed so there was nothing to support the video. We might do a new video. Nothing is decided yet but we are talking about it with our record company. But it's an expensive sport, video shooting, and there aren't really any channels that play metal-videos, so. We'll see what happens. Hopefully we get to do another one.

- You have recorded a cover of Mercyful Fate's "A Dangerous Meeting" for "Black Wings", Can you tell us what is your opinion about the band and this song in particular?
Mercyful Fate is old heroes to all of us and the song fitted our style really well. We all regard Mercyful Fate to be one of the most important metal bands of the early eighties. They made such an impact on, not only us, but also bands like Slayer and Metallica and a lot of other Bay Area Thrashers.

- Is there a possibility to see you live in Spain soon? By the way you're touring with Pain and you'll be busy next summer in several festivals, What can you tell us about the tour and the festivals...?
There is always a possibility! So far we have nothing planned for Europe but we are working on it as we speak. We got a few really good festival gigs coming up. One is of course Wacken-Open-Air! That's going to be absolutely mad! The Pain tour was pretty fucked up. Some gigs were just awesome whilst others sucked. But that's the way it is to be a metal band on the road. We had a great time with the Pain-boys anyway. Free beer and heavy metal can't be bad.

- I suppose you've been playing a lot all these years (in clubs and little fests) Which is your best remembrance from that?
Since I am the "new guy" I have missed all those small pizzeria and crayfish parties. He He He. I think that one of our memorable gigs is at the Swedish Hultsfreds-festival in 2000. That was just one super gig. Big crowd, big stage and a warm Swedish summer night. It was just perfect.

Wolf - The cover artwork of "Black Wings" is much better that the previous one (don't you think?), have you consciously improve it?
Well I can agree with that "Black Wings" has a much more commercial cover. If you have grown up with Hans Arnold's (who did the Wolf album) paintings, it is a different matter! He is a legend up here in Sweden and have done a lot of famous work, he did the ABBA greatest hits cover, did you know that? But I can understand why people doesn't like the "Wolf" cover. Great news for you is that "Wolf" will be re-released in Europe with a different cover.

- What about the treatment of No Fashion Records? Are they helping you 100%?
No Fashion is a good label. There are people working there who really put their soul into Wolf, and we like those boys and girls very much. We only wish that they could start paying more attention to us when we lecture them in the fine art of football tactics.

- OK thanks for your time and answers. I think it's all, now it's your turn... say what you want to your fans.
Thanx for the interview and your hardwork. Thanx for buying our albums! You out there are the proof that there still are people who care about music and not some fucking cheesy soda commercial. Really hope to see all of you on tour soon. Check out our web site for latest news!

- Interview by Gema Pérez.