Jacobs Dream, the new discovery of the Metal Blade label, keeps the Heavy Metal flag high from Ohio. The guitarist Gary Holtzman presents them to the spanish audience.

-Everybody is comparing the band to Queensrÿche, What do you think about that?
That isn't the first time we've heard that we sound or are trying to be "Queensryche". We don't feel that it is an accurate description of our music.We listen to alot of different styles of music and as any musician knows influences do exist for most.

jdream -Jacobs Dream is working since `94 and this is your first cd, Can you tell us something about the history of the band? Have you changed your style since then?
Actually the band has been in existence for approx. 10 years in one form or another.We did do a CD on our own prior to the one that is out now.

-In April/May you will be in Europe touring with Armored Saint and Brainstorm, What do you think about them? Is the first time that you´re gonna play here? We unfortunately have not heard alot of either bands music so it is hard to form an intelligent opinion. We are looking forward to touring there in Sept./Oct. and this will be our first tour in Europe.

-Where are you having a better reception?
Currently Europe seems to be doing very well but we don't have all the figures for the U.S.

-Are you happy with the final result of the album? Which are your favourite songs?
We were very excited when the album was done but as you know most musicians are never totally satisfied.We are always trying better our craft.Tale of Fears & Scapegoat are the favorites for this album.

-Are you having good reviews of your cd?
We really don't put of time in looking at reviews we just try to do a good job and hope that people enjoy it .

-Can you tell us which are your favourite classic bands? And the new ones?
The list is far too long to say but we do listen to a wide variety and each member has their favorites which helps in the writing process.

-Does the band play some covers in the concerts or only your own songs?
We did play covers awhile ago but we prefer to do our own music.

-You have been recently in a promo-trip through Europe, what about the people, the ambient...?
Yes the trip was great I met alot of nice people and had a great time although I didn't get out as much as I wanted to .

-Well, Gary, thanks a lot. Would you like to say anything else?
Hoping to see you all soon and thank you.

- Interview by Gema Pérez.