Drummer Billy Queen, from USA band JACOBS DREAM, has much to tell you: The release of their second album ("Theater Of War"), the new member on board (guitar player Derek Eddleblutte)... Read this and find what´s new around them.

Jacobs Dream

- The first question goes to the departure of Jon & Gary. What can you tell us about this affair?
Our official statement about Jon Noble and Gary Holtzman leaving the band is very simple. They are no longer a part of Jacobs Dream. We wish them all the best on all their endeavors in the future and our love and prayers go with them always.

- You have a new member in Jacobs Dream, guitarist Derek Eddleblutte, we would like to know more about him...
Derek and I have been friends for about 10 years. He has played in several highly successful local bands, several of which I was a part of. He's a great guy, a very hard worker, has a great sense of humor and is an amazing guitarist. He's very diverse in his musical tastes and we feel having him on board with Jacobs Dream will be a great asset to the band. Please send him an e mail at jacobsguitarist@hotmail.com and make him feel welcome to our family.

- The new album"Theater Of War" will be released soon. Can you give us some details about it? (style, song titles, release date, the lyrics...)
We're very proud of this latest effort. The CD is heavier than the first Metal Blade release, but still definitely in the same vein. The first CD was a little cluttered and muddy in spots, but this one cuts right through. Much heavier rhythm guitar tracks give this CD a lot more power than the last one had. The songs include: "Sanctuary", "Theater of War", "Traces of Grace", "Black Souls", "The Warning", "Critical Mass" and we're also re-recording two songs off the demo CD from a few years ago, "Wisdom" and "Sarah Williams."

- When did you start the composition for this album?
This one was a little different for us. We actually have been playing "Theater of War" in our live set for several months. All the other songs were just ideas and rough workings when we headed into the studio. Many of the tracks and parts of each song were written in the studio on the spot. This isn't how we wanted to do this CD, but with the tour in Europe and other personal things going on in our lives, we simply ran out of time for solid composing. The studio dates came around and we had to go in with what we had. But it has worked out really well. It's given this CD a very "live" sound and a lot of energy comes through.

- You were on tour last year with Brainstorm & Armored Saint in Europe, What about the experience?
It was absolutely wonderful!!!! We enjoyed every minute of it. Meeting the peole of Europe was incredible. The guys in Brainstorm treated us very well and we really hope to tour with them again. They are a great band and great guys. Armored Saint kept to themselves a little more so we didn't get a chance to know them quite as well as we did Brainstorm, but they were great to tour with as well. The only thing we were disappointed in was the fact that we didn't get to play some of the places we were really looking forward to. Spain, Greece, Italy, those gigs were dropped from the schedule and we were very disappointed. Hopefully we'll make it to those countries venues next time. In fact, I understand there is an e mail campaign going on in some parts of Europe to get us to those countries. I've heard people are e-mailing Metal Blade with their requests. That is great because we really want to be able to play all over Europe again.

- This year you´ll be playing at some big festivals again , do you prefer to play there or in smaller venues?
Size really doesn't matter. LOL!!! We really don't care if theres 10 people or 10,000. Each individual person is important to us and we'll play anywhere, anytime. We just love playing.

- The cover of "Theater Of War" is really awesome, who is the artist behind it? Can you make a description of it, which is its meaning?
Theater Of War The artists name will be on the CD. I've never actually corresponded with him. All that was handled through Metal Blade. The general theme of this CD is conflict. A "Theater of War" can be in any arena. Spiritual conflict, inner conflict, on the streets, physical war between military powers, conflict between your heart and mind, anywhere conflict occurs in essence is a theaeter of war. The CD cover is simply the result of that conflict. A warrior holding a dead woman in his arms displays that result. A warrior is in the "business" of making war, killing, ravaging. Then it comes home and takes the life of a loved one. The irony of it all is undeniable. We all reap what we sow in the end. We can never escape that.

- Is Jacobs Dream a "White Metal" band...?
I'm not sure of the meaning of "white metal." Our songs reflect our beliefs. Some of those are about violence on the streets of America, some are about integrity, some are about the results of drinking and driving. Are we death metal? No. We want to portray a positive message with our music and hopefully show that there is always hope no matter how dark things look. Are we Christians? Yes. However, I personally would never try to cram my spiritual beliefs down somebody's throat. In fact, I'd fight for their right to believe whatever they want, whether it agrees with me or not. That's what premise this country was founded on: Freedom. But we're also allowed to express our beliefs as much as any death-metal bands.

- Where is your number of fans bigger, in Europe or USA? Is Heavy Metal arising in the States too?
We definitely sold more CDs in Europe. We're much bigger there. There is, however, a huge underground metal market here in the U.S. The mainstream radio stations are all playing new metal crap and pop junk. But the internet stations reflect a great interest in true metal. We're hoping good metal will continue to rise in popularity. We're also hoping to play more in the states this year.

- Which has been the craziest live concert you have ever been in? (playing or in the audience...)
Jacobs Dream I'd have to say the Wacken Open Air show. People seemingly went crazy while we were playing. It was great!! They called in extra security because people were jumping the barricade! The crowd size tripled as we were playing. We still had some sound problems, mostly because the festival sound techs didn't seem familiar with the guitar-synth set up and all of us running direct, but people went wild. I know we got a really bad review of our Wacken show from a big Heavy Metal magazine, but they must not have actually been there. One of their "reviewers" had a review of every concert! He must be one of those cloned sheep. LOL! Four stages with bands playing on every stage at the same time, and they have an honest review? I think not! LOL!! But if the fans are any indication, and they are the only indications we're interested in, it was a good show to them. We enjoyed ourselves completely and hope to continue to improve.

- Is there any way to get your demo CD? Are you goig to release the songs on it in any other CD or something?
Actually, "The Gathering" and "Love and Sorrow" are on our first Metal Blade CD, and "Wisdom" and "Sarah Williams" are on the upcoming CD. We're out of the demo CD and not sure if we're going to burn anymore or not. If we do, we'll put an announcement on our web site because a lot of people are asking about it.

-OK, I think it´s all by now...Anyway if you feel like telling me anything else you can do it, of course. Maybe I forgot something important for you...
I'd just like to say a huge "Thank You!" to everyone who enjoys our music and we hope to never let you down. Hope to see you all soon!

- Thanks a lot for your time and patience, you´re very nice.
Thanks Gema. You're very nice too.

- Interview by Gema Pérez.