- Jutta Weinhold, Zed Yagos vocalist (former band of Lars), appears in "Chapter Two" as a guest, What can you tell us about that collaboration, Are you still friends after all these years?
Yes, we are still in contact and phone four times a year, or so. When it was clear that we want to have female voices for the role of the Godesses I directly knew they couldn't be any better one than Jutta as she still is one of the best female metal voice in the world for me.

- Metalium has come to Spain several times, first with Primal Fear, then Rock Machina and finally as headliner of your own tour, What do you think about playing here in Spain, Where have you enjoyed the most?

Lars Ratz

Spain is one of our favorite country to tour, as the people are very open minded, friendly and fanatic metal fans. Also the weather is better than Germany so tall hat make us feel welcome and good. We sold out the show in Barcelona, which was definitely a high point of the tour.

- By the way, in your last tour you were going to play together with Silent Force and Powergod, but finally you came with Avalon, What happened? I think that Silent Force were on tour with Stratovarius (right?) so, Which was the problem with Powergod?
Powergod unfortunately simply did not have enough money to pay for their transport as nightliners are pretty expensive each day.

- In your two albums you have included some covers from different bands like Accept, Deep Purple... When a Kiss cover, maybe in the next record?
No, I think by now we did enough cover songs.

Metalium Live In Spain

And why have you chosen the song "Music" for your last album?
Because it's a favorite song of Henning and me.

Have you listened to the one that Ivory Tower recorded for their album of 98?
Yes, we heard it in the studio when we recorded our version. After listening to their version we knew we don't have to be afraid of recording ours. They have their interpretation and we have ours, that's always a matter of taste.

- Have you ever thought about making a video-clip for any of your songs?
We are thinking always about things like that but it's difficult to find people to spend money on a video-clip for TV.

I know that Music TVs dont broadcast Heavy Metal videos nowadays, but you could release a home video with live shows, interviews, video-clips...or maybe include it in your next album as a CD rom track.
We might bring out a complete video with live-stuff, interviews, backstage-shots including a Live-EP in Summer 2001. Not confirmed, yet!

- Where have you learned how to produce records?, You have done a very good job with Metalium CDs, Are you working as a producer for other bands now?
I have not produced any other bands before . I just have a vision and my feelings are guiding me the way to my aim. There is nobody in this universe who knows exactly how Metalium should sound better than me!

Lars Ratz

- Has the fact of losing Chris Caffery and Mike Terrana affected in any form to Metalium?
Yes, in a very positive way. Metalium became a band of five persons who have a good time together, who became friends and who became a very good live band after playing so many shows in the same formation. The motor of Metalium has always stayed the same: Me, Henning and Matthias !

- Arent you afraid of losing Mark Cross and Jack Frost too?
No, not at all !!!

I mean they also play in other bands so, It could happen one day...
Mark doesn't play in any other band and also for Jack has give Metalium priority before any project he is doing on the side in his time off.

- Now were talking about them, How did they enter the band?
Jack mailed me "Hi this is Jack Frost, I heard your debut CD and I like it very much, whenever you need a guitarist call me". The mail arrives the same day when Chris told me he couldn't go on tour with us because he has to be in the studio with Savatage the same time. Fate !
We knew Mark from Hamburg since the time when we've been in the studio to record the first album and he was our first choice to replace the first drummer. He is at the same technical level as the old drummer plus he is a team player. As Metalium is a real band we don't need anything else but band oriented thinking people.

- Is the fame as you always dreamed when you were young, or is it better or maybe worst...?
Were old enough to handle this, and we are not that fomous as Madonna. So we still can go shopping on our own without bodyguards.

- What do you love and hate about being on the road?
That it's hard to work anything else as the nightliner is always so messy !

- Alright, we have finished, Do you mind to say some words to the spanish Metalians?
Beware Summer 2001, coz this is the time METALIUM will kick some serious spanish ass on the Festivals. SPAIN WE REALLY LOVE YOU...!

- Interview by Gema Prez & Rodrigo.