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CD of the month April
King Diamond-Voodoo

1) Louisiana Darkness (1:43)
2) "LOA" House (5:32)
3) Life After Death (5:39)
4) Voodoo (4:33)
5) A Secret (4:03)
6) Salem (5:17)
7) One Down Two To Go (3:44)
8) Sending Of Dead (5:40)
9) Sarah's Night (3:21)
10) The Exorcist (4:51)
11) Unclean Spirits (1:48)
12) Cross Of Baron Samedi (4:29)
13) If They Only Knew (0:32)
14) Aftermath (1:36)

Another diamond from King Diamond! Perfect! What can I say about it? About the music? Pure paranoic heavy metal as in all king's albums. Heavy riffs, powerfull drum and bass beats, discrete keys and no useless long and tiring solos, just straight in your face heavy metal. About the story? Perfect, just as writen by a metr of the kind. I sugest you read the lyrics while listening the album for the first time and not before. The production is, as usual in all new albums, very clear and perfect. Best songs in this album: ""LOA" House", "Voodoo', "One Down Two To Go" and "The Cross Of Baron Samedi", but I'd sugest to hear the whole album every time, just as you see a movie...

Score: @@@@@1/2 (Because it isn't their best)