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Jan 21, 2019 - 04:27 AM
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Reverend Bizarre LIVE in GREECE !!
Posted by: warlordtony on Jan 07, 2006 - 12:27 AM





Underworld Club
(5, Themistokleos & Gamveta Str. Tel: 210-3840965. www.underworldclub.gr)
Doors Open: 19:30 Ticket Price: 20 Euros
Pre sale at: Eat Metal Records, No Remorse Records, Rock Star, Sirens, Metal Era)




Ichor Club
(46, Andreou Georgiou Str. Tel: 2310 526577)
Doors Open: 20:00 Ticket Price: 15 Euros

Reverend Bizarre. Hailing from Finland Reverend Bizarre can be mentioned as one of the most popular Doom Metal acts of today. From their debut demo "Slice of Doom" until their latest album "II: Crushing The Insects" they have managed to built a cult status around their name thanks to that special kind of mystical, haunted Doom Metal that they play, to their lyrics and to their specific points of view about the Doom Metal scene. Their debut album "In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend" was a real shock for all those Doom Metal maniacs all around the world. As the time is passing by, Reverend Bizarre keep on spreading the curse of True Doom Metal through various releases. A journey to the magic, mystical, gardens of Doom, in the middle of ceremonies to never sleeping gods, inspired by the flame of the ancient ones (Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Witchfinder General, Saint Vitus, Candlemass), by the strength of fire and the touch of steel the spirit remains alive and even more heavier. This is the music of Reverend Bizarre and this is their first ever time in Greece for two unforgettable shows in the name of DOOM. Do not miss it.

1996: 'Practice Sessions' (Rehearsal Tape) The Holy Parish of Doom
1999: 'Slice of Doom' (CDr) The Holy Parish of Doom
2002: 'In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend' (CD) Sinister Figure
2003: 'In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend' (Re-release) Low Frequency Records
2003: 'Harbinger of Metal' (EP) Spikefarm Records
2003: 'Reverend Bizarre/Ritual Steel split' (7 inch.)Metal Coven Records
2004: 'Reverend Bizarre/Orodruin split' (12 inch.) Hellride Music Records
2004: 'Reverend Bizarre/Minotauri split' (7 inch.) Metal Coven Records
2004: 'Slice of Doom' (Compilation) PsycheDOOMelic Records
2004: 'In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend' (2CD) Spikefarm
2005: 'II: Crushing The Insects' Spikefarm


Support bands:

Violet Vortex. Violet vortex is the most well known Doom Metal band around Greece. Having released two unforgettable demos, a live tape and an album in Secret Port Records they remain a high standard for all those who search for good traditional Doom Metal in the veins of Black Sabbath, Pentagram and Saint Vitus. Having gone through various member changes they seem to get even heavier as the time passes by. The stage is the physical place for Violet Vortex, they have done countless shows having played with many great bands (Cathedral, Witchcraft and many others). Inspired by the 70s spirit they are creating their own special sound without leaving the background of traditional Doom Metal. They will share the stage with Reverend Bizarre in Athens.

1999: 'Rush Hour of Lust' (Demo)
1999: 'Indulge in Reverie' (Demo)
2001: '3 Songs' (Promo)
2001: 'Live at "Ston Aera" Wednesday 18/04/01' (Live Tape)
2001: 'Lure Elegant' (CD) Secret Port Records

Litany. There is really not much to write about Litany since their name is the best description in order to understand their music. Heavier than hell, melodic Doom Metal with some aggressive parts characterized by the voice of lead singer Nick Varsamis. Seeing them live is a real experience and if you search for more music by them you will discover a rehearsal demo CD and a 7'' EP on Eat Metal Records. They have played live with many bands (Doomsword, Battleroar etc) and their show in Athens with reverend Bizarre will be their next attack.

2003: 'Rehearsal '03' (Demo CD)
2004: 'Litany' (7 inch.) Eat Metal Records

Ominous Sky. Hidden deep in the misty mountains of Doom Metal it is time for those cult Doomsters to present their music on stage. They will support Reverend Bizarre both in Athens and Thessalonica presenting their melodic, mournful Doom Metal deeply inspired by Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus. Having released a Promo CD they are composing new hymns to darkness as they wait for their debut 7'' EP on Secret Port Records to be released.

2005: 'Promo 2005' (Promo CD)
2006: 'Omnious Sky' (7 inch.) Secret Port


In Vain. Panos Dimitriou the singer of the legendry Doom / Power Metal band Denial Price; stands behind this project band. In Vain are back: having released two cult demos they are ready to kick some ass on stage featuring a new line up. The brilliant voice of Panos will travel us far away into oblivion during the Thessalonica's show.

In Vain (Demo CD)
Letters From My Brother Cain (Demo CD)


More info at:
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