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Dec 19, 2018 - 02:52 AM
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Posted by: warlordtony on Jul 16, 2005 - 12:59 AM

-- 25 years of New Wave of British Heavy Metal Show --



At the 29th of October the 6th Heavy Metal Maniacs festival will be held. This year it will be the 25th birthday party of the NWoBHM. Out of this movement came a lot of bands who became an inspiration for many other bands (for example Metallica to name one).

Holland was one of the countries where the English bands had a lot of success. Some bands even played more in Holland than in the UK. Reasons enough to organise a NWoBHM festival in Holland. Beside 4 original NWoBHM bands we have added 1 young UK band who play in the same vein and two Dutch bands who were also around in the early 80s and can be described as New Wave of Dutch Heavy Metal.

The bill:








+ small market and DJoBHM Martin Motφrhead

We hope you can support us in some way and celebrate with us the glorious NWoBHM in October!

See you there!

On the behalf of the HM Maniacs crew,

Stefan van Zijl

E-mail: zijlsg@zonnet.nl

Just drop a line for info/more promo material/accreditation

Festival info:

Doors open: 15.00 (3.00 pm)

Address: Manifesto, Holenweg 14c Hoorn

Tel: ++ 31 (0)229-249839

Ticket: 17 euro

Pre-sale: 15 euro

Website: www.heavymetalmaniacs.com

Biography bands:


Finally, there will be a Blitzkrieg over Holland as well. Brian Ross is one
of the living legends of the NWOBHM scene. Do you know of any other singers,
besides Alice Cooper, who regularly went on stage singing with a real boa
constrictor around their neck?? Together with his band Blitzkrieg, he owes
his success to the very energetic and powerful live shows, and decent metal
songs like 'Armageddon', 'Inferno' and 'Blitzkrieg' which was borrowed by
Metallica. Their single 'Buried Alive' / 'Blitzkrieg' is easily the most
wanted Neat single release ever, and not undeserved, if I may say so. The
release of the album 'A Time Of Change' took place twenty years ago, but
with the new CD 'Sins And Greed', Blitzkrieg still proves that they belong
to the metal top in the world. Hiding in the shelters won't help you
anymore, 'cause Blitzkrieg will invade Hoorn real soon!


When I say 'Give 'Em Hell', then I'll hear every NWOBHM fan say Witchfynde.
The band of guitar wizard Montalo can be seen as one of the celebrities in
the scene. The dark, mystical image of the band, gives them an unique touch,
that will appeal to many fans. During their live performances, the band
shows that they still stand with both feet in the NWOBHM scene, while other
bands are only a weak reflection of what they once sounded like. Montalo,
Pete, Gra and Harry will leave their fans astonished and with their mouths
wide open, when they are finished with their 'witching hour' on stage.
They'll give you hell!!! You simply cannot not miss them.


Avenger will always be part of the holy trinity Avenger, Satan and
Blitzkrieg for every NWOBHM fan out there. Their albums 'Blood Sports' and
'Killer Elite' belong to the classics in the scene, and it's a real
privilege to present you the reunion of Avenger here in Hoorn. Ian Davison
Swift, who also was the singer for great bands like Satan and Atomkraft,
will let us enjoy his remarkable voice once again, in a set that will be
talked about for a long, long time. Avenger will show us, that they are too
wild to tame. You may enter the hall at your own risk only!

Sad Iron

Bernard Rive is not unknown in Hoorn, and with Sad Iron he wrote metal
history. The album 'Total Damnation' may not be missed in any metal
collection, because it's simply one of the loudest, heaviest and wildest
albums in the Dutch metal history. On this festival, the band will prove
again that they don't stand for any nonsense. Singer Herke has already
trained his vocal cords, and Bernard is ready to call the 'total damnation'
over the Manifesto this evening. The days of 'Lolita, the limping stripper'
may be over, but luckily there are other ways to make the crazy metal fans
go out of their minds. Just leave that to Sad Iron.


Just because there wasn't enough money available to get the real Status Quo
to Hoorn, we choose for the best alternative available. Forget about Spider,
because for twenty-five years already Predatόr delivers the twelve bar
boogie to their fans. Band member Mick Hughes even played in the Quo tribute
band Quotations. Predatόr shared the stage with bands like Samson, Y&T,
Tygers Of Pan Tang and Slade, and they still know how to reform every hall
into a swirling mass. Baz Barry and his mates will make it happen, that's
for sure. This is also a unique opportunity to buy yourself a copy of the
recent album 'Mean', and hear these songs live on stage. Let's boogie, boys!

Conquest Of Steel

Also in the NWOBHM scene there are new stars on the horizon. Bands, that
carry the torch, given to them by their predecessors that existed long
before the speed and thrash metal sound made its entry in the metal scene.
Conquest Of Steel is such a band, influenced by the pure sound of the true
NWOBHM heroes (think about bands like Saxon and Iron Maiden). Founded in
1998, they are really becoming the new 'Priests Of Metal' (which is also the
title of their debut album, by the way), and Hoorn will be the church in
which they will preach their metal verses. If you want to see one of the
truest NWOBHM shows, complete with lots of spikes, chains, leather, denim,
swords and sweat, then you must check this one out. As you can see 'You
Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise'!!

Black Out

Black Out can be titled as one of the very few New Wave Of Dutch Heavy Metal
bands. With their album 'Evil Game', that was released in 1984, they
surprised friend and foe, and received many positive reactions. Needless to
say, that this band is almost seamlessly connected with the British invasion
that will enter our country. It won't be too difficult for these head bangers
from Zwolle, to heat up the fire on the evening that the Dutch Heavy Metal
Maniacs will celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of NWOBHM.
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