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Date: Mar 21, 2008 - 01:42 PM
While webzines have almost exterminated what was known as fanzines back when Metal was damn strong and full of feeling, theres still a few survivors that refuse to join the easy way, Snakepit magazine being one of those. Time for a new Metal strike with issue 16 having just been unleashed by the dogs of war! This new issue features as usual possibly the most in depth interviews you will ever read in the Metal scene with past Metallic heroes such as AFTERMATH, AGGRESSION (Canada), ANGUS, APOCALYPSE (U.K.), ARCHENEMY (The one and ONLY ARCHENEMY from L.A.!), CHEMIKILL, CYNIC, DEATH FORCE, DEATH STRIKE, DEVASTATION (IL), EXHORDER, FIRESTORM, HELL, JJS POWERHOUSE, LABEL SPECIAL (RAVE ON RECORDS!!), MASTER, SARDO, SCEPTRE, SINDROME, TRANSGRESSOR, VERMIN but also actual Metal heroes such as AGENT STEEL (possibly the most in depth feature ever done on them with original drummer Chuck Proffus!), CRUCIFIED MORTALS, FIRELAND, GAUNTLET, INFERNAL MAJESTY, HIBRIA, RAZOR (bassist Mike Campagnolo explains his return and more!), SEPTER, THRUSTOR and the legendary WITCHFINDER GENERAL!!! Over 106 pages filled with nothing but molten Metal, done by fans for fans!!!! And if its not enough to fulfil your appetite, theres also a DEATH DEALER 2 song live 7 included available exclusively with this new issue. This Canadian Power Metal act were a leading band back in the mid 80s and were part of that new Metallic wave that invaded the world (EXCITER, ANVIL, RAPID TEARS, CULPRIT, JAG PANZER, WITCHKILLER, METALICA being some other names) but due to certain circumstances they never managed to achieve the success they deserved after the recording of two albums. Discover them again with those two exclusive live tracks recorded when the band was at its peak back in 1984!
The price is $8 each retail and $6 each wholesale with minimum of 10 copies.


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