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Date: Jul 13, 2008 - 08:36 PM
The releasedate for the 3rd quarter is now set. We will release 2 albums, which we already announced some time ago.

We start with CROM, the name of the album is "Vengeance". Musically you can expect Epic/Viking Metal in vein of BATHORY'S "Hammerheart", "Twilight of the gods" and "Blood on Ice". It has been created by Walter "Crom" Grosse, which is known as ex-guitarist of one of Germanys most known Black Metal Bands, DARK FORTRESS.

Album Nr. 2 was created by the Iranians ANGBAND. It has been "baptized" to the name "Rising from Apadana". The early albums of ICED EARTH and DEPRESSIVE AGE you can take as the musical direction. Although the unusual homecountry (for a metalband), guitarist/bassist Mahyar Dean is not unknown in the scene. Some people might know him as the author of the official bandbiographies of DEATH and TESTAMENT. I think it is unnecessary to mention that the situation for the band is not the easiest in Iran, because any kind of Heavy Metal is forbidden there. So it's a special pleasure and honor for us to provide a platform to the guys, which probably no Iranian metalband got up to this day.

Both albums will be available on 29th August.

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